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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Caution voters

Pune Municipal Corporation elections are coming forward. The corporators will surely try to win people’s heart and more importantly, votes. But one man has is doing his responsibility by aware voters on how these corporators and ministers try to win our votes.
Kumar Aaher, an Actor/Director/Writer of the play, “Matdar Raja Jaga Ho!!!” says, “Every year the situation is same. As the elections come, these people come out from their comfort and try lot many things to win our votes, either by cash or by kind”. As a social work artist, this is his main concern. Every year, due to these acts, people end up voting for the wrong person.  At the end, they encourage them to follow this tradition so that they can be elected easily.

In this play, which will be carried out in different pandals of the city throughout 10 days, will talk about on how and by which ways politicians get our attention and votes. “I have tried to keep it simple and have presented it in comic way. This would make audience understand easily”, adds Kumar. Explaining about the reason behind choosing this pandal over theatre halls, he says, “When it comes to theatre, people have to spend time especially to go and watch it. We also have restricted number of sitting and area that the theatre is located at. So, people who are living faraway places will miss it. Whereas, huge crowd come to see Ganapti of various places. There they get a chance of entertainment and also information, better known as infotainment”.
Kumar, who has done various social shows in streets, finds it the best place to give information and teach people. He has done mostly one-act play of Mahatma Jyotirao Phule. He learnt all this from his guru Texasdada Gaikwad. Through this plays, he try to tell about the thoughts of Mahatma Phule. Few years back, when Swine Flu was spreading, he chose slums area to perform as they were not aware about his disease. He acted and made them understand about it. He also performs and educates them about health and hygiene. This year, educating voters is his target and hopefully, by the end of 10 days, he achieves it.  

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