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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cultural Education

Festive season has always been special for everyone, especially kids. This is the time when they enjoy a lot, they got see the different idols, decorate the house and get to move around with parents. But as the time is passing and new generation is coming up, this festive season is getting more glamour and losing its original meaning; gathering and learning about the festive and culture.
As it is always said, school is the place where a child learns a lot. Leapbridge International Pre-school takes a proper care that small kids not only learn about numbers and alphabets, but always get to know about the culture and the meaning they are being celebrated.  The Aundh branch In-charge says, “We keep one thing in mind that India being a secular nation, we celebrate every festival. Kids should learn about the integrity and unity since their early ages and that is more important that they learn to celebrate every festival with the same spirit and enthusiasm”.

Just celebration is not going to help them in knowing the culture. At this school they take care that the kids know about the reason being it’s celebrated and also about the mythological part of the celebration. The little information about the God and the history behind him is given. They are also let to explore their creative side. “We helped kids to prepare a take away. They have prepared them in a different ways. This also helps them to explore their creative side and also learn about the God. They have a rough idea about how Ganesha looks and why does he has an elephants head. This little things help them to understand the festival in a better way”, says In-charge.
They make a point of having an Arti every day. “We have arti so that they are able to relate to the activities that are done at home. This makes them understand that this festival is not only celebrated with family but also at school with the class mates and in social places. We tell them stories and also to a nearby pandal as a field trip”, adds In-charge. The most important and shocking thing would be seeing 3 or 4 years kids reciting mantras nicely without making a single mistake. They know how to recite them and what needs to be done while doing it. This is something that is really important at the early age to understand.
The festive always come as an opportunity to family spend some quality time together and enjoy and kids learn from this festive season. “These kids will be grow and become a part of the society. They should know how they need to behave in a social place and what all things should be taken care of. We try to provide them that education and try to teach them about the culture. These are small kids and whatever we will print in their mind will live with them”, explains In-charge. Teaching young kids about the festive and mantra and how they are celebrated is something which is very important. They need to learn not to bifurcate between religion and function and also need to connect with every festive that are being celebrated. At Leapbridge, that part is taken care with the kind of activities they have for kids.

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