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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Is everything alright?

Delhi has witnessed two big events at one day. This event was not good but was something which was of great concern. During morning the blast took place which took many lives and during the evening the capital was shook by the earthquake.
This is something which is really of great concern. Delhi is always on the hit list. It seems like Delhi and Mumbai are having competition on getting more attention of terrorists. It’s not new but in past also, both the important cities; one being the capital of Nation and other being the Financial capital of the Nation. In both metro there is always a high alert.

Both cities have most of the prominent people and companies of the nation. With this kind of people living in those cities how can we even afford to make kind of mistake in taking the utmost care. And forget about the important people, with them resides the most common group of people who are earning on a daily basis and are trying to live in that city which often see such kind of disaster.
“Mumbai Meri Jaan” showed the kind of trauma an ordinary people go through after blasts. Politicians and prominent people are always safe and never hurt where as an ordinary person loses the life which is hardly been taken into consideration by the people seeing in the top of the Nation and ruling the party. With every blast or disaster, those people just express their condolence but the next moment they forget about what happened. It’s only the normal people who live that trauma for the entire life, every year, every month, and every moment.
Is this what we call moving into the better future when we fail to provide a simple security to people who are the main asset of the nation? China is a better example where they have taken care of the people. No doubt, it is a communist country but they have understood the asset very well and try to utilize it in a better way. Being moving ahead every year, we are still at the same position where we were long before, struggling to get up. Every time we think the situation is under control, we lose something or the other and again see ourselves in a same position that we were before.
We are democratic and that’s the reason we keep people who have looted and murdered and created the terror in our hearts and mind and those who are innocent are losing their lives every single day. We can say that we understand the terror those people who live in that city after the blast but frankly speaking, we can never understand. It is never possible to understand those feeling of leaving home without knowing that will you be able to return home safely or not. We can never understand the feeling of not going to office because of terror but still have to just after the day of blast from the same route and same place where it took place. We can never understand the feeling of losing a friend whom one just meet at bus or local and share many things. We can never understand the pain in their hurts who live in those cities where they are not sure of their lives but still have to live as they have to for their livelihood. We can only ask them one thing and that would be, “Is everything ok?” To which they would reply with a smile “Yes”.

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