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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

We are family

It’s been said, ‘Society is a big family’. This saying is been taken care at Sirin Garden who have celebrated the Ganesha Festival with full enthusiasm and just like a family. With the families of about 200 in 18 different building, this festival is just the beginning of their celebration.
Poonam Gulliani, the cultural head, has tried to manage it well. “It’s been almost 10 years we are celebrating festival in our society. Over these years, we have grown as a family”, says she. Celebrating a festival in a society has always been a troublesome. But this society has learnt how to tackle those. “Normally, the problem arises because of the funds. Without the proper money flow, no society can plan anything. But this is not the problem with us”, explains she.
The money for the festival comes from the funds which families pay in maintenance, yearly.  This avoid moving and asking for money from every family. “We although don’t stop people from giving whatever they want to give. The donation according to your wish is always welcome”, adds Poonam.
During this festive season, one can see ladies and kids involvement a lot. They participate in the festive celebration enthusiastically. “Men are normally out for work, whole day. When they back, either they are tiered or carry some work. So their involvement lower down a bit. Whereas, ladies and kids can be seen enjoying a lot and participating in most of the games we organize”, says Poonam. She has arranged different kinds of games for every age group. They had sports, one minute games, anatakshari, grand tombola, sports, drawing and treasure hunt. Along these fun games, where parents and children can enjoy together, they also had cultural events so that they can connect themselves culturally. Keeping this in mind, they had, Satsang, Art of Living, Mata ki Chowki, Havan, Satyanarayan Pooja, Geet Havan and on a regular basis Arti two times a day.
Celebrating such festive comes with an opportunity to learn a lot and connect with family and friends. “We have kept mixed events so that residents can enjoy these 11 days and can also grow in a spiritual and cultural way”, says Poonam. For arti, they had a pandit, who used to come twice in a day, morning and evening, to offer pooja properly. Talking about the involvement of the residents in all these days and events, Rupali Krishnani, who is been looking after it, says, “There have been around 60% involvement, which I think is a good number. Interestingly, we have witnessed youths and young kids involvement is a greater scale”.

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