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Thursday, November 17, 2011

For fun times

Imagine a place where a 10 yr old kid and 60 yrs old can enjoy together, without compromising anything. Imagine a place where you will get authentic different cuisine without compromising the taste. Imagine a place where you will get a lounge, restaurant and bar, under one roof. These all might seems little impossible, but there is a place which keeps in mind all your requirements and provide you with the best, Zikomo.

Zikomo, which means ‘Thank You’ in African, was started by Zatarr Hotels Private Ltd. This is their first venture which was opened on January 15 2011, is located on Baner Road. Soham Marathe, Manager, says, “We started this place with the motive of having something different than normal. We want to be in league but with a difference”. When one will enter the place, the first thing which will attract would be the comments of various satisfied customers on the wall towards the left. Interestingly, the wall was full of comments and is repainted to make it available for more. “We allow our customers to express their views on the wall so that we can see how many people are being satisfied by our service”, adds Manager.
Moving straight, you will reach to the bar, where one can enjoy with friends over a drink and television. The cool and fresh interiors will allow you to relax.  On the way to bar, a small space has been kept as private lounge. If one is feeling like to be alone or low or just want to relax alone, can come and sit here and enjoy the slow refreshing music. The lights are kept cool to allow being with your inner self.
From the entrance, when you move towards right, you can see your name on the mirror, if you have made a reservation. Then by climbing the stairs you enter the three level lounges. There are comfortable sitting arrangements done. This section is being made for all the youngsters who want to come and enjoy. Although, there is no rules for it. Alongside the lounge, you can see paintings of the upcoming artists. Mr. Marathe says, “Upcoming artists need a place to showcase their talent. We provide them by having the sale cum exhibition over here. This gives them an encouragement. And on the other part, our customers like new painting coming up every time they walk in”.
As you reach to the third level, you enter the restaurant. Very well arranged classic furniture, with a DJ area and a classic music is what one would like to have while having dinner with family. They serve some authentic wine and drinks especially bought from finest places in the world. One thing that can interest you would be the speakers. Unlike other places where you face difficult to communicate with each other when the music is loud, here you don’t have to work hard. “The speakers are from Bangalore and one of its kinds in Pune. The plus point about it is that they provide you crystal clear sound quality without disturbing your conversation”, explains Manager. They have projector here in which they show matches and movies on special occasions.
Coming towards the food quality and service, which one would surely wants to know after getting comfortable. They serve French, Thai, Chinese, Indian and Continental. The best thing about the cuisine is, they are authenticated. Mr. Marathe elaborates, “We have different chef for different cuisine. All are masters on their respective fields which helps us to serve customers some of the best dishes without compromising to the food quality. After all, that’s why they come”. Even the raw materials are being taken care of. Every day, fresh materials come and are being prepared that day only. If, they don’t have the best material, they won’t serve, but won’t compromise to the quality. While going to the menu card, you won’t find something that will be out of your budget. Everything has been taken care of.
They have some special arrangements too. They have karaoke night on Saturday and on Sunday noon; they have ‘Zikomo Scope Brunch’. Zikomo Scope Brunch is an event which can surprise you. They screen a movie and offer you food according to the movie played. Explaining more about this, Manager says, “When we screen a movie which has French cuisine and we offer you that, then you can relate to it. You enjoy having your food and at the same time movie too. This is something which we thought would be really different”. This happens every Sunday. So, if sometime you want to see and feel, just drop in and enjoy.
Opening up a place like this, is not an easy task. And running it is more difficult. When we have every restaurant just a block away from each other, this is the one which stands out. The reason being; the interior, the comfort, the service and most importantly food. We all want to go out and enjoy with our friends and family. We look out for a place where all the three generations can fit, sit and enjoy. Well, this would be a place where you can find all your things been taken care off. After all, that’s what they say, “Atithi Devo Bhava”.

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