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Thursday, November 17, 2011

SANSKRITI SCHOOL –The School for Life

Every parent is concerned about their child’s future and the school they choose, as this is an important stepping stone of their life. Good teachers, in a school where every child is paid special attention and most importantly there is a perfect environment to study is what every parent is looking out for . As the competition is growing tougher day by day, the pressure is increasing; every child has to go through many challenges.  In this process, children need to keep themselves calm and should have a proper foundation of knowledge and skill sets to face competition.

Sanskriti School proves to be one of those few schools which fulfill the above criteria. Located on top of  a hill, it provides students with perfect teachers, good resources, innovative teaching methodology and the ideal environment to study. It is situated in the lap of Nature, where a child gets fresh air and a noise and pollution free environment to study. Principal, Mrs. Devyani Mungali, says “The reason of having our school here in the midst of nature is to keep our students away from all the noise and pollution in the city”. Students enjoy coming to school due to which they are hardly absent from the school”.
Affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, they have students from Pre-Primary to Class 10th. They have maintained the strength to 30 students per class so that every teacher can give individual attention to the children.  “It is very important for teachers to pay attention to every individual so that they can know their weaknesses and work on them”, explains the Principal. Many schools have overcrowded classes due to which children miss that special attention. The bonding between the teacher and the taught is missing due to which children might not share many important things which a teacher should know. With this attention, the teacher-student bonding develops and students share their problem and teachers guide them accordingly.
This might be the reason that the school didn’t need to advertise itself and happy parents recommended others by word of mouth. Mrs. Mungali says, “We never thought of going out and talking about our self, rather we were confident that satisfied parents would spread the good word, when parents and children give positive feedback about the school.  The school keeps in mind that apart from getting education, a child explores his/her capabilities also.  The children are exposed to multi sensory activities like music, dance, craft, archery, karate, cooking to name a few. A child feels relaxed with such activities and gains confidence.
The most interesting aspect of the school is the sense of equality that is nurtured and encouraged here. One can find students from different religions, castes and families studying together, celebrating all festivals together and growing together without any sense of discrimination. “We have children from various backgrounds. Few are from foreign countries also. But we make sure to treat them equally”, explains Mrs. Mungali. To my surprise, they also have students who are challenged. They give them admission and treat them on an equal footing.
In the development of a child’s career, having the right role model is of great significance. Many schools miss that and a child ends up having a role model which might not be appropriate. To fill that gap, the school makes sure to have guest visits and lecture of prominent personalities like Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, Dr Kiran Bedi to name a few. Mrs. Mungali elaborates, “Having such prominent personalities in our premises, interacting with students has and will help our students to learn a lot. They would come to know about the life and how to achieve something they aspire for.  Parent involvement and sharing of their skill sets helps bridge the gap between parents and the school.
As the students are preparing themselves for future competition, it is important that they should know how to overcome their weaknesses. For this, the assessment criteria and procedure is different. The assessment is done on detailed parameters like listening, speaking, reading, writing, comprehension skills for various subjects which help students and teachers to understand the area which needs attention. Assignments and home tasks are planned and given in such a manner that they give a realistic feedback.
A school is a place where a student learns various important values. Each child prepares himself for the world. Lack of right training and direction will lead to children just imbibing bookish knowledge. But with a faculty of such expertise, mentors present to understand each child’s and parent’s queries, a principal who interacts with students personally and knows everyone by name, an environment where a child gets to explore and interact with prominent personalities. Each child will make his mark in the world. That’s what Sanskriti is doing by providing young ones with a holistic value – based education programme.


  1. My daughter goes to Sanskriti in grade 1. I am really happy with the school and the way they try to achieve everything. My daughter wants to go to school even when she is not well. I have to explain to her that even teachers take a leave when they are not well ! Overall the school is all in one package which every parent would want.

  2. The road from main road to school is not in good condition. Buses create lot of dust on this road and children get frequent asthma and cough. School need to look in this area of improvement to attract good children as competition among school is fierce. People have lots of good options. So a long way to go Mrs. Mungali!

  3. I would love to visit this place.