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Thursday, November 17, 2011

We are together

Aundh used to be a village some 15 yrs back. At that time, a society was constructed thinking in mind the current situation and need, Sirin Garden.
Siring Garden, a huge society which is located at Parihar Chowk, Aundh, is itself as small town, rather say a mini India. Here people have been residing since 1995, and they still stay here. When you enter through the huge gate, you fill like entering into a different world. Mrs. Sheela Bhaumik, Secretary of the Society, says, “People started occupying this place since 1995. I occupied it at 1997. During that time, Aundh was mere a village, a very quiet and calm place to stay with fresh air”.

They faced problem in their initial days. The builder was handing over them the society and was not paying the bills of water and electricity. “We faced many problems during those days. MSCB has cut our electricity and there was no water. A By-Pass committee was formed by the Founder members in 2004 which took over the charges and things got better”, recollects Secretary. They were paying the maintenance bill to the builder but that was not reaching its destination. When the committee was formed, they were having no funds and documents. They collected it from buildings and then got back the connections.
While collecting funds also, they had gone through very tough time. “People were not ready to pay the amount as they have already paid it to the builder. It was very tough and tedious to convince them for it.  People were right in their place but we need to do something to come out of that situation”, explains Mrs. Bhaumik. They were provided with no funds and documents. They located the owners who were staying abroad for the documents and agreements from the society members are being received. The builder didn’t provide them anything, but with hard work and patience, they managed to pull them out from the situation.
There are still three building; G, G1 and G2; which are facing problem for water. Mrs. Poonam Gulliani, one of the residents of G2 says, “We pay Municipal Tax in which water chargers are included. But we don’t get any water from Municipal Corporation. They haven’t provided us the connection due to lack of documents”. These building get water tankers and pay huge amount for that. They are still running to various offices to get the water connection done but it seems their problems are falling into deaf hears. In spite of these things, they still pay the Water bills without having a drop by Corporation.
Managing a society of 235 flats and bringing out it from a mess was not an easy task. They came out from a situation where they were having nothing; no funds, no proper documents and no help from the builder. But when one will visit the society, will not find any kind of problem. People have learned to enjoy and live life happily here. Being a cosmopolitan, they celebrate every festival, round the year.
Mrs. Poonam Gulliani, Cultural Head, says, “We celebrate every festival with enthusiasm. People also participate in it with the same spirit”. They are like a one big family, who comes together and enjoy a lot during festivals and on other occasions. The festival brings them more closely. They committee has able to maintain the society very well. The society is clean, green and safe. From outside, you might wonder how big it would be. But when you get in, you actually see it. This society has accepted every one and together they have fought in every situation. They came out to the worst one can every imagine. They stood together to face it and are still fighting with a smile on their face, being together. This is what a society means.

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