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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New Lessons in Life

Citizen Gautam Naik had to be hospitalized for orthopaedic reasons. He shares few lessons.

Every moment in life teaches you something. This knowledge is sometimes mistaken wrongly as experience. Experience is something you observe and feel. Lesson is something you use for future reference. Each moment gives you experience as well as teaches you new lesson. I used to strongly recommend hostel experience for each individual. Hostel life makes you independent, gives you new perspective about life, understand diversity of opinions, thought processes, capabilities. All the while your parents and families shield you from these useful experiences and lessons as well when they cocoon you in good intentions of protecting you from big bad world.

Just as I feel hostel life is must, so is hospitalization.

Surprised, though there is saying in Marathi that you wish such calamity should not befall even on your enemy, this hospitalization experience teaches you a lot.

Lessons in brief:

1. Take nothing for granted in life : any silly thing can affect your health. You abuse body and body answers for sure. So hence forth follow best practices as much as possible while sitting, reading, and working esp. for those in IT like me.

2. Hospitalization puts near ones in total disarray. More the people around you this chaos and load is divided. Thus value your near ones and don’t take them from granted.3. Health insurance is comforting. Insurance is must.

4. Some people come out when they hear about your plight and help you. These people surprise you. These people can be termed as near ones. While some people whom you expect to help you, keep distance.

5. You are bombarded with advice from all and sundry. Though sometimes irritable, it shows concern. But when you visit someone in hospital you should take care to not irritate someone. Some people become emotional and irrational. So avoid being that.

6. It teaches you how to behave when someone else is hospitalized.

7. Doctors can be confusing and two opinions sometimes contradict. But second opinion is must. Decision is yours....

8. Music is only saviour to kill time. you can read but esp those with my plight, music was only saviour.

9. Sleep is only releif from pain.

10. Food can be entertainment.

You are welcome to add more points.

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