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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Security Denied Development Delayed

Recent Civic polls saw 50 percent reservation for women, a journey to minimize gender discrimination. Women are working with men but really are women enjoying the freedom fearlessly? The recent verdict on Jyotikumari case is highlighted the security issue of women working in night shifts.

Jyotikumari, Nayana Pujari and few such cases are highlighting the security problems of women working in nightshifts in city. The journey of women empowerment started with education for women, by taking these opportunity women started learning then she came out of her house and started contributing for her family. Then the trust on the family led to more work and more stability in life. The good working environment also lent helping hand to women to work in night shifts. 22 years old Jyotikumari Chaudhari was the girl amongst such women who were working freely and fearlessly. She left her house on November 1, 2007 with full belief on cab driver, who raped and brutally murdered on the way to office.

Though the cab driver Purushottam Borate and his companion Pradip Kokate got death sentence by Pune court recently, which was also welcomed by us but what about Jyoti?

On the one hand city is growing as IT hub and other hand such incidences are rising the security concern amongst women who are major part of this industry. Around 40 percent women working in these sectors are not only contributing to their family progress but they are contributing to nation’s growth. They are supporting to build super India. Various characteristics are providing job opportunities to women apart from IT sectors, Hospitals, Cloth industries are providing job in night shifts. The good job opportunity is increasing trust in people to send their sister, daughter for night shifts but such criminal people are taking benefits of it.

Such incidences are leading to decrease in numbers of women in IT and other fields, women working in night shifts have to suffer many security problems. After few incidences all the bodies concerned — the police, the regional transport office and the National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) — came together to prepare a set of safety guidelines. But, sadly, most of it remained on paper. Even Pune, which has an IT-BPO community of more than one lakh, has witnessed more such cases.

The problem of security can be solved but the unwillingness in the system is becoming a major hurled in women progress. Many companies have cancelled night shifts which is again creating problem for women progress as they are being deprived by promotion. Also IT companies are not ready to take risks to save brand name. Many times women employees have to take responsibility if they need to stay late night, here instead of taking security responsibility companies are running away from their duties. In short, we are talking about the women empowerment and society depriving them from their equal rights on the name of security.

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