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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

SmartPhones Vs Tablets

Tablet market is booming side by side Smartphone’s are capturing market. But the how many of us think why tablet? Why not Smartphone? Or visa versa. Most of us must have bought Tablet and Smartphone. Though there are many functions common both have retained their importance in market.

Is there any difference between Tablets and Smartphone?

Both devises are mobile devises can do almost same tasks. Apart from physical differences they are doing same things at large. They are similar either way. But there are few differences.

Big screen is the Tablet’s USP, which are meeting customers’ expectation with bigger screens these days. Smartphone’s portability is retaining its value in market in competition with tablet. The experience is another criterion which matters here. Viewing experience that tablet can give is far from Smartphone and the portability by smart phones is drawback of tab in competition.

If we want to choose the one of it on technology basis then it is difficult. As Smartphone’s and Tablet shares same hardware configuration with the multi GHz processors. Also both devise are identical if performance is concern. The difference is maters only with the screen size.

In spite having technical similarities what user want is the crucial factor which maters a lot. Also neither tablet nor Smartphone’s are playing in market without domination on each others.

There are various experiments are going to or we can say these experiments are successful. As few companies have come with Smartphone with good aspect ration and widescreen display to offer better viewing experience any other Smartphone.

Google, incidentally, will soon release new mobile operating software that integrates functionalities of both tablets and Smartphone devices. This OS would be right for hybrid devices — that combine tablets and Smartphone. There are also hopes in market specifically in manufactures that there will be hybrid device which will offer utility of both Tablet and Smartphone.

Basically tablets are replacing small computers and net books specially. Steve Jobs described the iconic iPad tablet as a device fitting somewhere between laptops and Smartphone. We can say that the future of these devises is not clear but both devices are evolving and have different role in our life till date.

How Smartphone are better than tablet.

Use on go – It can fixed in your pocket and communicate on the go. Do your works whether checking mails, make a call. Smartphone will be with you though you are carrying tablet.

Connectivity – Smartphone is phone first and computer later. Your smart phone can work with 3G signals and it can act as Wi-Fi hotspot.

Voice Call – Actual conversation is the possible, though it can be done with Laptop and other devises but it required help of application and devices etc.

SMS – Faster than emails and works everywhere virtually and don’t need to logged in anywhere.

How Tablets are better than Smartphone.

Functionality – With larger display you can work better. Can get really good view while working and proves to be more productive than Smartphone.

Less difficult to handle – When the work on move comes Table is less cumbersome. It gives you good visibility than and Smartphone and portability than laptop.

Flexibility – Clicking photos, web browsing and E reading is possible with Tablet. Two devises like Smartphone and Laptop need to do above work.

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