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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Someshwar Temple

Siddhi Mehta

Pune is said to be the cultural capital of the state of Maharashtra. It epitomizes Marathi culture, with brilliant pieces of architecture such as the Torna fort, the Shanivarwada, the Sinhagadh fort, the Lal Mahal etc. One such example is the Someshwar temple located in Pashan.

The chanting of OM NAMAH SHIVAY will engulf you as you enter the Someshwar temple and bestowing the much needed tranquillity from your hectic life. The location of the Someshwar temple on the bank of river Ramnadi gives it a fresh and cool atmosphere. The temple is indeed a very serene and a beautiful place with lots of history behind it, which many of the new Punekars are unaware of.

The Shivling is Swayambhu and Someshwar temple was built in the year 1640 by Jijabai, mother of Great Shivaji. The history dates back over 700 years ago when a cow used to sprinkle milk over a snake hole (varul) which was seen by a cowherd, after this incident Lord Shankar came in his dream. Directing him to dig up the snake hole where he found the Shivalinga. One can see this Swaysmbhu (self-originated) Shivalinga in the inner sanctum of this magnificent temple. Presently, the Shivalinga is covered with a golden mask of Lord Shiva. The Samadhis of Hanumante, one of the asthapradhans (a council of eight ministers) of Shivaji’s court and Chitrav Swami, who contributed gold coins to Peshwas for the renovation of the temple, are located at the north of the temple. During the rule of Mughals, a divine intervention stopped the destruction of this splendid piece of architecture. So as repentance Shahiste khan a prominent Mughal general built the sabha mandap, ceilings of which are crafted with wonderful carvings.

The temple is built in Hemadpanti style in black stone and has a 40 feet tall Deepmala, which is surrounded by temples of Ganesh, Hanuman and Bhairavnath. To the south of the temple near the bank of the river there is a temple of Padmavati, the goddess of fulfillment. The temple also has a homkund for havans and pujas and a naubatkhana (an urdu word which means drum room) for music.

This temple houses a beautiful Palkhi which has brilliant wood work on it. Inside the Palkhi there is an ancient murti (idol) of Lord Shiva made up of panchdhatu (five metals). The Palkhi processions are organized during shivratri and dusserah festivals.

There is a scenic garden next to the temple. The garden has a great variety of flowers and trees adding to its beauty. The garden offers a small play area for kids and benches to sit, making it an ideal spot for a small family picnic.

The exquisite beauty of this heritage temple with its clean and fresh garden surroundings makes Someshwarwadi temple an ultimate place to unwind.


From Pune university - Appox 7 km. From university take the Baner road. After reaching Rajwada hotel take a left turn and go straight for appox 2 km.

From Pune Station - Appox 12 km. From pune station reach Shivaji Nagar and then take the university road. From university take the Baner road.

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