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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Richa Sohi
Water is a precious resource that we have to learn to harness, store, preserve and use judiciously.

Baner in Pune is a progressing area with the booming IT Sector as well as the fast growing residential complexes but one problem the citizens still face is that of water shortage. As the summers are approaching, the perennial water cuts prove to be a grave concern for the residents of Baner.

Almost ten to twelve housing societies face the issue of decreasing water supply. Among these are Ozar Housing Society, Kubera Bahar, Anand Bahar, Hills Scape and Echelon Society. The residents complain that they have been receiving scanty water with low pressure. Two reasons for the acute water shortage are leaking water pipes and the increasing number of residential complexes. The residents fear as the number of residential complexes are increasing day- by- day the water supply would only deplete further.

When the Manager Mr. Balwant of Kubera Anand was asked as to how they tackle the issue of water cuts in summer, he had to say that they ask for water tankers. About five to six water tankers have to be called for a day and their prices are exorbitant. They have to spend rupees 3000 a day. Although the members of the society may not be that willing to spend money, they have to as they have no alternative.

Mr. Sanjeet the secretary said the problem has reduced compared to last year. “We do not have to call in tankers everyday now”, he said. When asked if this issue has anything to do with the water being diverted to Lavassa, he said, as far as they are aware they are not sure if it has anything to do with Lavassa. Infact, what they have noticed is that the society workers do not open the valves completely due to which they receive water with low pressure. As a society in an attempt to save water they close the main supply of water to the building in the afternoon. Their other complaint was that the newspapers do not announce in advance if there is going to be a water cut on a particular day. If informed earlier they would be able to prepare themselves better.

The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has assured to provide them with an extra pipeline. They also plan to build a second tank but unfortunately the PMC does not have a concrete long-term plan to solve the issue. Even in Baner Gaon women have to line up at the common water taps. The reason why they face water shortage is because more importance is given to huge societies and new constructions.

As societies who try to increase the water supply they should use techniques of ‘rainwater harvesting’ and ‘sewage water treatment plants.’ The residents with such techniques and proper usage of water should be able to reduce the water crisis and save this important resource as they say, "If there is magic on earth, it is undoubtedly in water.”

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