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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Issue on Gas

Though citizens have got some relief from the gas cylinder supply but many people in the city are waiting for their turn to get cylinder. Shortage occurred due to strike called by LPG transporters association last month but it is taking another week to get smooth flow of gas cylinder distribution. But is this a real situation? As there is always LPG cylinder scarcity during festival days.

Many times we say this must be because of the corruption in the gas agency, this is true that black marketing by gas distributers are affecting the gas supply but local representative, you and me are also the reason behind it. The gas supply irregularity is not only affected by strike of gas cylinder transportation association but the general civic body election held before couple of months and marriage season is also playing its role in scarcity of the cylinder. The root of shortage this year started from January when corporation election fever was on. Candidates from many parties had started mess for their Karykartas which on an average used to required one cylinder for 3 to maximum 4 days and these cylinders were coming from our gas distributors (of course bought in black.) And the chain of cylinder lacking begins. To manage the consumer whose cylinder were given illegally or in black distributor started delaying supply.

Marriage season is also on top nowadays which also requires extra cylinder supply. Many distributors also make hay during this season. Delivery boy sales cylinder to needy one who pays extra money (most of us pay extra money to get cylinder early. Don’t we? ) and the consumer for whom the cylinder had come have to wait for couple of days or more. And most of us do the same. Don’t we? When he calls Concern Company they pass the ball to delivery boy and vice versa. Till consumer gets the fact they manage to fool the consumer for ten days. After getting constant complaints they deliver cylinder came on the order given by another consumer and the chain begins. Illegal use of Domestic cylinder is also offence and supply inspector and concern people are taking action against it but we know how many eateries are selling hot Vadapav’s made by using domestic cylinders. In this way we are also reason for the delay in delivery. The demand and supply rule also maters.

Taking action on illegal use of domestic cylinder is also matters. The typical tendency of not working after office timing and many lacks in the system boosts the illegal use of domestic cylinder. Many domestic cylinders can be seen late in the evening at various eateries nearby area.

Various fabrication factories are also using domestic cylinder illegally many times concern department takes action on it and many times they neglect it deliberately. Various gas welding works even the auto garages are using domestic gas. Vehicles running on LPG area also playing major roles in cylinder shortage, many cars are using domestic cylinders instead of cylinders meant of the vehicle uses.


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