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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mahesh Nimbalkar

Mahesh Nimbalkar, a police naik is king of networking. He is working in detection branch in Deccan Police station. He was recently felicitated by Miran Borwankar for solving 41 cases in last one and half month. The networking skills were appreciated in police meeting and award function.

He has done 12th in Art faculty from Modern college in city but strong networking skills is the additional qualification which stand apart from study. After getting inspiration from father he joined police department. He joined police department 21 years ago as a constable. Apart from networking skills he is cricket and Kabbadi player. He used to be a Kabbadi player in schools and college days and now is playing cricket. He is an all rounder player. He plays in Pune Police Cricket team and had won various awards. Till date he has won various champion ships in cricket, Police commissioner cup, Bhide Chashak and various leagues are few of them. Playing and fitness is the main focus area of the Nimbalkar.

His talent is not only limited to this field he also knows many things about another department. Regional Transport Office issues number of vehicles and Nimbalkar knows which series is for transportation, which series has given for cars which was given for two wheelers. When Commissioner gets to know this she was very happy to know about such talented person in the department.

Recently he was awarded with the rupees 1.5lakh for his work also got certificate from police department which is a rare achievement for any police person in life. He caught many people regarding house breaking, robbery, vehicle theft which helped police department to solve 41 cases in last one and half month only. He also awarded with the vocational award from Rotary club of Pune, various city based groups felicitated Nimbalkar. While talking about it “I of course felt better after so much of felicitation and it also gave inspiration to work better. One day one senior citizen came here from Wakad to wish me but I was not there, this incidence touched my heart in this selfish world the senior person came all the way from Wakad for me. When I got the information I called him and thanked him.

Many times area becomes problem for the police department but Nimbalkar never made any excuse and went at remote places to solve various cases not only that he took self initiative to solve various cases. The list of places he had gone to catch suspected people in any crime started with remote place in districts like Mulashi, Lonavala, Daund, Shirval also he had gone to other states like Zarkhand, Bihar, Karnatak, Andra pradesh, Delhi and many more.

He says “networking is the mantra to get suspected and criminals. Very few professions need good networking and my habit to make friends has lead to good sources which helps me to get wanted people. I have lots of people who know me well and they have helped me in various cases.” Dedication to work and will to do good work has leaded him towards good contacts with people not only in city but also in district.

“Knowing perfect person for work and contact with him itself solves many cases. I just call few of such correct people at the desire area of city and I always fine before I reach they are there with at least some information I needed,” says Nimbalkar.

Apart from this reading and visiting various places are hobby of Nimbalkar. He had read various novels. “I love translated novels from another languages which help me to understand writing and genre from another countries. I also had habit of cutting some interested articles from supplements and now I have collection of more than 1000 such articles. Whenever I want to release stress I took out any one of the article to read, after reading that I really get fresh,” Nimbalkar added. Exercise is another thing that Nimbalkar is engaged with. Regular workout or long walk is the parts of his fitness routine.

After receiving good feedback of the work Nimbalkar has decided to do more work and concentrate on other factors. Nimbalkar says “I will focus on less focused area in the field as well as improve here.” In future Nimbalkar want to be in Detection branch itself as he loves the work in the branch.


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