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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New stadium in Pune

Citizen Gautam Naik had a chance to visit Subrato Roy Sahara Stadium at Gahunje. He shares the experience

I had to chance to visit new stadium in Pune. It’s a lovely stadium. It has good ambience and facilities. It is bit away from city but at a manageable distance. Public transport is pathetic anyways in Pune so private vehicle is only possible mode (though PMPML initiated special buses).

The match vs the champions CSK was good. PWI bowling and fielding restricted total to 155. Jessi Ryder stayed anchor in spite of pathetic running between. He never let asking rate climb to unmanageable number. And find of season Steven smith completed the hitting and winning. Crowd was electric and behind home team. I don’t know why some mature adults behave insane when they see camera. That has been my pain point for all stadium matches. Also the family men and singles were so crass ogling at guest cheerleaders. The comments to players though were witty (eg. when raina came to field someone asked where is rames, the sures-ramesh jodi famous from cadbury or their rivals i dont remember. ad recall lost due to emphasise on humor), but most of the time comments were not so dignified esp to foreign and away players. Ashwin had torrid time esp after his fight with smith. The PA system though is not upto mark as it is in some other venues. Music played was good and added to fun quotient.

The problem is see with this stadium is they have planned only for night matches. If we have ODI, for the first half crowd except those in main section have to face direct sun rays ( or has chance to get wet in rains). Another is the parking management. We had to wait 2 hrs to even imagine we could move our car. Some better management can help as they have good parking space. Even the stadiums like wankhede which is in the heart of city has better systems. I remember when I was in korea during WC soccer 2002 in Busan. The entire crowd of 90,000 was cleared in 30 mins flat after match. Ofcourse they had metros directly having station on ground and private vehicles were parked at 4 directions with guaranteed access to each car parked to exit.

But the field, other facilities are good. Food people were moving around with inflated (300%) prices. of course that’s their logistics. They don’t have change so i lost some money as guy promised to return change and never was seen.

Anyways good match and support for Dada boys. Road ahead seems tough but dada had given the team a purpose and inspite of not being able to participate in auctions they have posed good challenge to top teams like Mumbai, delhi, Chennai at the start. But they fizzled out midway for the lack of impact players needed badly. Hope we have better next year with Yuvi back.

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