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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Speed Breakers or spine breakers

Recent three deaths have highlighted the bad condition of the speed breakers in the city. Absence of marking on speed breakers and sign boards prior to the speed breakers are the major problems. Also civic body and traffic department is not firm on steps of having footpaths on roads. These things not only have claimed lives but most of the citizens are suffering from serious spine and back injuries.

Civic body is coming with the speed breakers and again changing decision on it and removes speed breakers which not only create confusion in commuters but are also wastage of citizens’ money. Recent example of speed breakers constructed and removed highlights the uncertainty of civic body. Civic body came up with speed breakers on riverside road near Deccan after the fatal accident on the road but after few months civic body removed it again. Was the purpose of speed breakers solved? or constructing speed breakers were the mistake on the stretch? The same situation can be seen at various places in the city. Lakhs of rupees were spent to construct speed breakers and another tender were flouted to remove those speed breakers.

There are few places were speed breakers were made according to contractor. Event difference between two speed breakers can be spotted with our eye. This not only results into the confusion in commuters but results into serious back injuries or accidents. According to civic body the small speed breaker or big speed breakers are being opposed by people then how should we construct speed breakers which are suitable of commuters and public. But while saying the basic norms of speed breaker is being forgotten by civic body.

The numbers of patients for back pain or neck pain problem are increasing in the city. The improper constructed speed breakers gives bumpy ride to commuters which slowly affects the spine results into the back pain at early age. Few of them have to bare the extra expense and few of people have quite driving because of back pain. These speed breakers not only affecting health but the vehicle are being damaged and leading to death of citizens.

Though speed breakers are helpful for the pedestrians but they should be constructed according to the norms laid by Indian road congress. There are new types of pedestrian crossing have come up in recent year which is combination of ramp and speed breaker. These is also not solving the purpose ad vehicles’ speed should be slow so pedestrian can cross the road keeping safe distance from vehicle. But these new structures slowdown vehicles but there is no enough distance remain between pedestrians and vehicles. Many of speed breakers are constructed in such a way that if the speedy car passes from the speed breakers it will be damaged. The civic body had called a no speed breaker drive few months back where all the speed breaker were scratched to demolished which resulted in various accidents during those days. But after the few months the civic body again came with many speed breakers in the city.

Presently there are few speed breakers performing their duty of controlling speed as well as harming our back. There are few which were scratched and resulting more trouble for driving there are few places were speed breaker was laid but you can find there the remaining portion of speed breakers resulting more inconvenience to commuters.

Speed breakers should be according to the Indian Road Congress specifications. There should be ‘ideal’ speed breakers which helps to slow down vehicle but should not cause discomfort for drivers and passengers.

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