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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Stay Healthy in Summer

Summer is a time for enjoyment with vacations and retreats. It is also a time to be cautious to avert many health hazards and seasonal diseases. Change in weather brings about all round changes in the human body especially in the immune system that causes the diseases virulent. Ayurveda the science of longevity, the Indian system of indigenous medicine and living style recommends many precautions and suggests effective remedies for all weather conditions. Summer is in full swing now and it is time to have a look back to this ancient medical wisdom that has been gaining momentum in the west in the recent past due to its organic base of medicines and disciplined life style compared to the reckless routines, crazy eating habits and hazardous chemical intakes as part of our modern life style and use of allopathic medicines. Remember there is a limit up to which you can torture your physiological system.

Ayurveda suggests the following precautions and health care practices to combat the scorching heat and resultant problems.

One need to take adequate quantity of fluids preferably plain water or fresh juices at frequent intervals to avoid dehydration and sun strokes in places of extreme heat. While there is no harm in drinking pure mineral water, soft drinks and aerated drinks are completely to be avoided as per Ayurveda. Instead you may take , tender coconut water, Butter milk, Boiled and cooled water preferably boiled with natural herbs like black catechu, dried Ginger, Coriander seed, cumin seed to mention a few. Many suggested herbs being available only in Asian sub continent, only universally available herbs are mentioned here. One need to avoid drinking of refrigerated and non boiled water. (Surprised? See the results!!)

It is better to include plenty of fruits, fresh vegetables, fruit juice and rice gruel in your daily diet. Try to avoid dried and fried items since it may help only to aggravate the dehydration .It is also better to minimize the consumption of meat, eggs and spices. Besides restrictions on food, one needs to be bothered about his surroundings also. Keep all eatables and water in refrigerated and non contaminating tight lid containers. Keep your body clean by taking bath at least once a day .Wear light and loose fitting clothes. Above all ensure protection from direct sun light by using hats, sun glasses etc.

The most common diseases prevalent during summer are as follows. Water borne diseases like Diarrhoea, Dysentry, Jaundice, Typhoid etc. One needs to be extremely careful when one visit countries prone to such type of diseases due to poor sanitation and health awareness. Other infectious diseases commonly found are chicken pox, Measels, mumps, Conjunctivitis, UTI etc. Women and children are more prone to these types of diseases due to their lesser resistance mechanism. Other more common ailments observed during summer are prickly heat, Skin rashes and in severe cases sun strokes.

What Ayurveda suggests? Ayurveda suggests living in harmony with the nature. All Ayurvedic medicines have organic base, and need to take with restrictions on food and disciplined style of living. This system is not for instant cure or immediate relief unlike the modern medicine where it would be followed by months or years of sufferings and at times permanent damage to vital organs. There are very effective medicines in Ayurveda to combat the heat and avoid the common ailments. Purification of blood and acceleration of the immune system is the key to the success of this ancient system. Ayurvedic medicines now a day comes in tablets, extracts and various other natural preparations. You can be rest assured that there would be no side effects for these medicines. If you would like to know more about Ayurvedic way of living, which is the natural way for health, longevity and anti ageing login to this site Ayurveda for Natural Beauty

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