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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Treevolution Day and DSK Gappa

Treevolution Day Celebrated

With the theme: ‘Lighting Hope, Growing Green’ , Tree Public, in association with the Indo German Chamber of Commerce and I Built, celebrated Treevolution Day 2012 at the 600 seat Symbiosis Vishwa Bhavan, on Saturday, 28th April, with focused panel discussions by eminent experts and 2 scintillating environment theater performances. Treevolution Day is the beginning of an annual environmental celebration, organized by the Tree Public Foundation – commonly known as Tree Public, a completely not for profit and apolitical organization.

In the last 2 years, Tree Public has planted 26,000 trees, with 85% surviving. Tree Public is supported by the Indian Army, the police, the jail, 41 schools, many colleges, 4 orphanages, 2 remand homes, 2 cancer homes, corporate organizations, etc. Tree Public’s partners include: the Indian Army, the Jail, Tata Motors, the Indo German Chamber of Commerce, I Built and many others. All this has been achieved through selfless member contributions and well planned shramdaan i.e. we have not taken a rupee from anyone other than our own members, who come from all sexes, ages and communities. Tree Public has a target of planting 50,000 trees sustainably in 2012. Treevolution Day’s media partners include 94.3 FM Radio One, the Zee TV network, Sixth Element in outdoor, Vedant Graphics and educational partners include Symbiosis- SIMC UG, the MIT Institute of Design, IIEBM, Samvit institute of Infrastructure Management, RIMS International School and College, Narsimha High School and College, Foresight Institute of Management and the DAV Public School.

“ We have attained such a high sustainability by following scientific practices in the planting of trees- be it carefully testing the soil, matching it with suitable species, etc. We couple that with meticulous and carefully monitored nurturing practices. Indeed, we hope to establish a web based tracking system to have our environmental sustainability efforts tracked online” said Abhishek Kawitkar, Founder President of Tree Public. “With Pune’s vehicle population having increased from 9 million to 27 million in just 10 years, and development understandably not slowing down, we are all – from rich to poor- greatly challenged by the effects of climate change. Tree Public is working actively based on 5 principles to help address this challenge:

Expand the green cover sustainably by using scientific thoughts

Involve as many components of society as possible, with a particular focus on synergizing the energy and intellect of youth

Use innovation to embed a sense of environmental care through innovation

Integrate business, industry, construction, education and the media in this effort

Embed the thought of environmental values in small children throughout reach programs

Amongst the eminent panelists in the panel discussions were: Dr. Rajendra Shende, former Director of the United Nations Environment Program, Architect and renowned city planner Christopher Benninger, leading educationist, surgeon and environmental expert – Dr. Erach Bharucha, environmentalist and HR expert- Col Rai, former Deputy chief of Naval Staff, Vice Admiral SCS Bangara, leading economist and environmentalist Dr. Vijay Paranjapye. The award winning Parlekars from Mumbai, led by Tejas Parlekar enraptured the audience with their miming and shadow play.

DSK Gappa

”There is various Issues like urbanisation, development which need to be taken care by the representatives, but most of the elected representatives are not aware about. Such people are rulling and wasting money of public. If the situation will stay same they there wont be hope for the good state and the situation is the same for every city,” said Journalist Nikhil Wagale. Who was present for the interaction with people in DSK Gappa program.

Rajesh Damale and Ujjawala Barve interviewed Nikhil Wagale. The program highlighted the way of Wagale’s working and his thinking. Wagale started his journey with the Manohar magazine and his out of box thinking lead him to the post of Editor in IBN Lokmat Channel. During this period he worked for Dinak, Shatkar, Chanderi and Mahanagar. While talking about the different way Wagale said “I work in diffetenr way so I experiment on various things while working and Social Engineering is one of it.” While answering the questions about media industry he told various ways of working and what he chose out of it. Wagale said “Editor should not be setting in the cabin and writing editorial, s/he should be one of the members of society, he should mix with people and get to know about the readers or viewer’s choice.”

While talking about the changing language in the media Wagale said “in news language should not be barrier, the content should reach to people.” While explaining this Wagale gave various examples of interviews he took for the channel in various languages.

On the last day musician Kaushal Inamdar and Anand Bhate was guest for the program and people got to know about them. The event was later turned into the real musical event. Rajesh Damle interviewed both the musicians.

While explaining the journey Anand Bhate said “I got support from the home as the father love music. I sang at the age on ten in Pune Mumbai Natyaparishad and got good feedback and I turned on this way. I started learning under Pandit Bhimsen Joshi, they guided me very well.

While talking about the different way Kaushal Inamdar said “ there are various people in every field but instead of imitating them creating a new way is the good option for me and I started in that way.” Inamdar also shared few experiences of Film Balgandharva. Kaushal presented few poems which was the good experience for audience.

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