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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Balanced act-or

Either it may be real life or may be films and serials police uniform and duty role is attached to Sachin Sawant. Sawant works at Anti extortion cell in crime branch in Pune. His various roles are in TV serials and films are of Police as he wants to improve image of the Police force. With this aim of improving police force’s image Sachin Sawant joined police department in 1988 as a Sub Inspector and with his hobby of acting he is adding more to it.

If you remember the police inspector Vyas in Dev Anand’s film Chargesheet, Sawant is the same person shown as honest police officer and he played various roles of Police along with some different roles. In the recent past, Sawant has acted in the Star One series Horror Nights, the weekly soap Chandramukhi on DoorDarshan, and Chandrakanta on Sahara One.

Before joining police department he was professor at the college and started preparing for the department examination with friends and got selected in first attempt. The journey of real life in uniform began like this. He was seen in film Aanken in early 90s then he took big break to concentrate on the work. But he couldn’t suppress passion of acting for long time and again he started acting but without affecting work. Sawant shoots for films and serials in leaves, he preserve all the leaves of a year for his passion. During leaves of 44-50 days he works day and night to complete the shooting and then again joins the duty from next day. This dedication to work and hobby highlights another good angle everyone should have.

The professor, Police and acting these things played major role in Sawant’s life. He learnt various things in these roles which helps him in all sectors of life. Professor role, police role and acting gave such dimensions to personality which is helping him in his duty and hobby along with life.

His favorite role is the one in Chandrakanta. His character Madhav Singh has one of the most often repeated lines on the show - 'Mahadev Ki Teesri Aankh - Madhav Singh'. Sachin Sawant also get offers from south as his face is more suitable for films from the region but because of the time frame required is not fit in his leave scheduled he denied it.

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