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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Debate: Should Sachin be in Parliament?

Debraj Dhar

I am happy at this. I am looking at the opportunities this step can provide.

Unless the political system is cleansed by having better people, people with no criminal records, we have no hope of improving. I think people like us should also stand in elections - that is the only way to improve. With enough people like us, I am sure there will be a shift.

You can clean the gutter only by being in the gutter

Gautam Naik

Sachin appointment is more of political mileage congress expects similar to what adidas or aviva expects from Sachin as brand ambassador. Period dont take it as step towards cleansing. i am betting against Sachin raising one issue in parliament or attending a full session (leaving aside token photoops). My problem is he is not retired so has no time, 2. Political mileage is ugly politics in fact polluting system rather than cleansing...

Gaurav Savant

I personally unhappy with the move as it will divert Sachins’s attention from the cricket. He is good at cricket so it also doesn’t mean that he will make centuries in Rajya Sabha, it also not mean that he will perform bad. Also politics will spoil his innocence. I like the way he talk with everybody but if go for Rajya sabha then he have to play some tactics which will change his personality. If he goes for that then he should behave in Rajya Sabha like he behave for the cricket but I know it is very difficult to do.

Abhijeet Kshirsagar

Sachin must go in Rajya Sabha but should not be politician. He has earned good name in cricket, so he should prevent his image as good human. Also his name will not appear in newspaper because of the corruption. He should stay away from curruoption and should not take undue advantage of power in Rajya Sanbha.

Sachin must go and do something for the grass root level players. He should do such things that another Sachin will get chance from the Galli cricket.

Dattaprasad Patkar

Sachin should play cricket only. He is very nice person I fear that his image gets tainted. He is very good in cricket so he should teach aspirants and guide needy people in the country.

Sohan Sontakke

Sachin is a person of high integrity. He is an honest, straight forward person, sensible and intelligent which exactly matches qualities of a person who is being nominated to Rajyasabha . sachin is a very able person, we all have seen how responsibly he performs his duty no doubt. he deserves a “Bharatratna” for his exceptional performance in cricket but politics is a different side , different format. It will be like keeping him away from his biggest passion – cricket and most important Sachin is still going strong and retirement not near. However knowing the personality that he is, I am sure he could do a lot of good to cricketing in India.

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