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Monday, September 17, 2012

Appeal from PMPML Pravasi Sangh

Please sign the petition and forward the link to all your contacts to oppose proposed PMPML fare hike.Thanks

Compliments PMPML-Ganeshotsav Special Bus Services;Allow Commuters & passholders with "No Extra Fare".Introduce Festival Special Passes !

Dear Sirs,

Thanks for appreciating concern for Commuters needs.

However its halfhearted,complicated & "Lost Opportunity" to rebuild commuter trust.

As per plan:

1.Night Bus services will be charged 25% extra fare.

2.Special bus services between 19th to 29th Sept in 2 phases i.e.,21st to 23rd & 28th Sept as per commuters' needs and 24th to 27th and 29th Sept , special buses as complicated.

3.Extra fare applicable to all regular and extra bus trips after 10 pm.All valid passes banned after 12 midnight 4.Why commuter should pay extra fare for regular trips ? Why valid pass holders should be banned.(As it is daily pass expires at 12


Suggestions for much more image building & better revenue:

1."No extra fare" & All valid passes allowed, will simplify the process.How in the world one can change fares at 10pm & 12 midnight.

2.Depriving commuters their regular schedule and valid pass holders their travel right is unjust & illegal.

3.Because of overcrowding conductors wont be able to reach commuter and only help unpaid commuters and misappropriations by conductors.

4.Change(25%extra) money will be major cause for conflicts and misappropriations by conductors.No effective checking possible.

Money pocketed by conductor without issuing tickets by insisting for change/pocketing returnable change money.

5.a.Introduce SPECIAL FESTIVAL PASSES for 21st to 29th Sept. Rs 30 for a day;Rs 50 for 2 consecutive day and Rs 100 for full festival season.

b.Explore the concept of Family passes;Husaband+wife and a kid upto 12 years( Normally people travel with family for such occasions) A couple eligible for family pass. The family pass fare could be Rs 50 for a day, Rs 75 for 2 consecutive days;and Rs 150 for full season.Such passes are in vogue in Rajasthan.

c.FESTIVAL passes are generally used at 50% of full travel as such PMP will get compensated for concessions.

d.Benefits of Festival passes:

i.Full money in advance.

ii.Much Less Leakage.

iii.Commuter loyalty,as pass holder will avoid using other mode of transport.

iv. No conflict with commuters on change money.

v.Less load on conductors.

v.More revenue to PMPML.

e.With e-ticketing prevailing in all 10 PMP depos ; making necessary software changes is not difficult.If software changes can be made for

25 % extra fare; so can it be made for festival passes.

f.Pass centers should be open throughout duaration of Special Bus services;at all locations.

As such you are requested to make the best of Ganeshotsav Opportunity for IMAGE BOOSTING & MORE REVENUE to PMPML.

Ganeshotsav Special Bus Services;Allow Commuters & passholders with "No Extra Fare".Introduce Festival Special Passes ! Introduce Festival Family passes.

Awaiting your positive response;

Jai Ganesh !

jugal s rathi,pmp pravasi manch,


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