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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ganesha The God

Citizen Gautam Naik's wishlist to Ganesha The God

Rains have gone by. Thought technically monsoon hasn’t retreated. Rainy season was intriguing. June July dry, wet august and steady start to sep. Dams have been filled 100% (on records still 90% as 10% was given to agriculture and downstream towns by guardian minister). The worries of dry year ahead were dispelled thanks to the almighty. The leaders and admin should thank their lucky stars for mismanagement last year when we had excessive rains as were planning paralysis especially for contingencies. We won’t learn from past. Let the lord of wisdom prevail and let there be proper approach to problems faced by our city. It is now time to welcome arrival of the Lord. Whole atmosphere has changed for something auspicious, festive and enjoyable. Though terror looms large (especially after J M Rd events on 1st Aug) but I think sense has prevailed and police seem to be on toes involving mandals and communities. Let the lord show way there to the digressed souls who don’t have any mercy to kill in name of lord. How does name or way of worship of the same lord matter. Why kill? Why insult someone’s beliefs in name of free speech. And why kill to protest same. How irrelevant. Let’s all bury our differences and live happily ever after. Just like terrorism and bad governance another obstacle we wish to almighty is to stop corruption which has resulted in loss of public money, faith in systems and has created role models for young to make big using hook or crook. And finally let there be innovation, let knowledge drive the quest to excellence and let’s break stereotypes, lets conquer our self beliefs, vices, shortcomings to really make our own selves, family, society and country a very better place than what it is now. Ganesha always comes with goodies and hope he helps us achieve my never ending wish list. Wish you a very happy Ganesh festival.

This blog enters fifth year as I complete four years on eve of Ganesh Chaturthi on 2008. This blog has a post to mark each of Ganpati festival since. Would also like to add blog for Ganpati in 2007 when we won inaugural ICCT20. This blog started in next year. What an event that was. Who can forget that last over by much maligned and forgotten Ajit Agarkar leading to bowl out , six sixes by yuvi, great catch by Kartik and great spell from RP choking SAFers, Yuvi knock against Aussies and Shreeshant bowling out mighty Hayden, and finally Gambhir’s knock and that catch by Shreeshant...

Wish all these scenes get repeated once more as this T20 happens to be in Ganesh fest. Bappa’s wish list gets added by one more item. 09 and 10 T20 WCs were followed by IPL seasons where Kirsten had complained about burn out but this time things are different and that difference is emergence of Virat Kohli. I will stick my neck out to say that he will be difference between teams in any match. Let’s get Unmukt Chand into mix as i saw the knock in U19 WC finals. But the big question remains is HIS exit. Or will He have third wind. Important home series follow after T20 WC. The final warrior of golden generation which has defined our cricket life (college and professional live for my generation) will decide upon his future course. New season will be landmark for that reason as we will witness change of guard. And let History begin with shortest format.....

The title of this blog is named after one of the few innovations i got involved with my entrepreneurship career. This CD ROM was inaugurated by Shammi Kapoor who is no more. Though was just there at right time at right place, but that reminds me back to those early IT days (pre Y2K). We all were driven by a vague zeal to be next Infosys. After interacting with young entrepreneurs of today at IIT Kharagpur alumni events and other networks, I can see now people aim to be next Apple or Google or Facebook or some new web3.0 service or some cutting age mobile app, or some new cloud based solution and so on... Things have changed drastically in last decade as we welcome Walmarts and Tescos of world to enter Indian shores. As we also go ahead on US elections, Arab Iran Pak crisis, Prelude to 2014 general elections in India, Maybe MNS-SS joining hands in state, New development plan for Pune, or when we will enact PL’s Narayan this Ganesha in society or will embrace upon new personal challenges , wish for the Lord Ganesha’s blessing. Starting from global to country to state to city to society and self, the timeline ahead is intriguing. Also awaiting start to last quarter which traditionally has been action packed and defining for next year.....

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