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Monday, October 29, 2012

Advice to a senior

October which is coming to an end has set in the last quarter of 2012. It seems just yesterday that I greeted all for new year with a warning that this might be last year end party we might enjoy as world comes to an end as per theories going around. So we might have last two months till 21-12-2112 to enjoy. Are the Tsunamis, Biggest thunderstorm hitting US coasts precursor to that one wonders? I don’t think so; it will be slow if at all world ends and not a apocalypse. We have damaged environment irreversibly and maybe our future generations will suffer. Not wanted to be devil’s advocate but sometimes you just wonder

Meanwhile much damage has been done by my senior at Kharagpur Arvind Kejriwal to create thunderstorm. Law minister of land had to threaten him publically, such is his impact. Though i appreciate him for be the first man to take on first family publically, but somehow i feel that he is playing into congress hands by dividing opposition.

He should take one evil at a time, biggest evil being congress. By trying to make his stand symmetrical to all parties he damaged BJP by exposing Gadkari. I agree that any form of corruption is to be denounced and also agree that BJP has many skeletons in closet. But every party has them. System is such that it’s hard to find any public representative totally clean and ideal. That’s tragedy as we all know no one enters politics with interest of serving people. Self agenda is what drives most. What drives Kejriwal may not be money but definitely an ego. Of course many would blame me to be partisan to BJP and accuse me of right wing , but any alternative to congress is what my stand is. I do not have any hesitation to say that congress leaders in pre independent times and congress clan post independence are to be attributed to most of the evils plaguing our country. Though one does not help like , Nehru, Rajeev and Indira Gandhi charismas and small windows of excellence (like 71 war, IT/telecom, green revolution). BJP might be corrupt but the work done in NDA regime on infrastructure, getting to right world order by nuclear strategy, and RTI (though madam takes credit for same erroneously). Though many can argue but i have my right to have my opinion and those who want to debate can do it with facts and figure democratically. Arvind in his zeal to change system has taken upon entire political spectrum and is right when he says all are in cohorts across political ideologies in making money. But now that he has formed a party, he needs to be a part of system rather being anarchist. So his first step should be to focus on congress for 2014, while not cutting into anti congress vote. In that case a pre poll alliance with non congress parties based on single model will work. That may mean alliance with LF in Bengal, Kerala, Jagan in AP, Yuti/MNS in Maharashtra, BJP in Goa, MP, Gujarat, Chattisgarh, Haryana, Jharkhand, Bihar, Rajasthan, Karnataka, UP, HP, J&K, Uttarakhand, Akalis in Punjab, AGP in Aasam, maybe some nationalistic parties in NE, AIADMK in Tamilnadu. Of course one doubts if LF can comply in WB/Kerala. Idea is to unite opposition as JP did in 1977 post emergency. All intellectuals at the receiving end of emergency united. Situation is similar to that during emergency especially way UPA2 is run with arrogance and lack of people interest. As we saw yesterday Jaipal Reddy was punished for taking on Reliance. Maybe AK and learn some tricks from mass protestor like JP. Once cleansed country of congress rule, then he can dictate terms to allies to clean up or perish. By then people’s movement would have strengthened. He has far greater challenges and impossible path ahead to change system but he should take things in steps rather than taking on each and everybody. Already he has lost allies in Team Anna. He should build allies in Baba Ramdeo, Anna, Bedi, VK Singh rather than trying to make himself appear single crusader. In Kharagpur we would get advice from seniors and it was a sacrilege to give fundas to seniors. But politics is a field where everyone has opinion as quoted famously comparing it to unquotable part of human anatomy. But here i would like to stick my neck out and do so in a situation where country needs thousands of arvind kejariwals.....

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