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Thursday, January 10, 2013

13 jo Tera Hain

New Year is week old. Winters have set in. Normally this is a very cheerful time of the year. New resolutions are fresh and yet to be broken. Health is high on agenda.  But as they say 13 number is unlucky so has been its start.

The 16th December Delhi gang rape issue is burning.  Case has started and lone witness has raised some serious issues for government, police and aam janata. Some insensitive and some misconstrued remarks have added fuel to this sensitive issue. Pak has killed two Indian soldiers and shown true colours.  Train fares have been hiked and a large hike in diesel and LPG is due after a minor rise. Market outlook and job stats are poor. Marathi literary fest is filled with controversies as usual. Pune DP plan which serves builder interest has been passed. India has lost series against Pak. Davis cup turmoil still continues.

Nothing has gone right and there is gloom all over. Government seems to have lost all it’s connect with people. Opposition keep hitting self goals.  There is no hope, darkness is everywhere.

But we need to move ahead. We need to make difference. We must believe in ourselves. Lot of sms were floating that ‘yeh saal tera hain’ ie this year is yours (Pun intended with hindi number 13 and word ‘yours’).  Yes we should believe in this. We can make difference.

We can remove evils around. We can make difference in society. We can be more vigil and help each other out in trying situations. We can demand stronger laws. We can make us listen through new media. We can control politicians to do their tasks properly. We can conquer our shortcomings. We can try something new. We can improve the things. Lets start with self then the surrounding, city, country and world. Let us care about environment as well. Let us help those in need.

Wish you a very happy new year 13 which is yours. Ring in the new....
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