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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

An answer to allegations by the biased Media

In response to article in sakal dated 13th Jan 2013, Dr Shreerang Arvind Godbole has written this article to clarify on what was actually said by RSS chief and how media distorts its version based on agenda. Cityblog publishes the same as a forum for all to express their view. We invite more such dialogue on active issues in city and country. While Cityblog condemns the misogynist mindsets but also feels media should be unbiased. We also understand sensitive nature of Delhi case and feel all culprits be punished in fast and appropriate manner. Also we need to modify legal system and mainly our thought processes which treats woman as commodity.  Here is what Dr  Shreerang Arvind Godbole writes :

 Criticism of Sarsanghchalak unwarranted and unjustified

Hemant Desai does not apparently feel the need to verify his sources else he would not made wild allegations against Sarsanghchalak Mohanji Bhagwat in his ‘Sakal’ article (13 Jan 2013).  He has neatly placed the Sarsanghchalak in the company of Akbaruddin Owaisi, Gopal Kanda and Anis ur-Rehman.  Considering the length and breadth of his piece and the venom therein, it is clear that the Sarsanghchalak is his special target. 


The media manufactured a storm regarding two statements allegedly made by the Sarsanghchalak.  Thereafter, the Sangh issued a clarification stating that the Sarsanghchalak’s statements had been misrepresented and place the issue in its true perspective.  The original speech of the Sarsanghchalak was made available on youtube.  But the media, hell-bent as it was in damning the Sarsanghchalak did not care to adequately publicize the clarification.  The conclusion is inescapable that this false propaganda is being played out willfully.  ‘Sakal’ itself had carried a letter from one of its readers stating the website where the Sarsanghchalak’s speech was available.  What then is the motivation to repeat this falsehood? 


The Sarsanghchalak stated that molestation of women occurs in ‘India’ but not in ‘Bharat’  Desai has conveniently interpreted this to mean that majority of molestation cases happen in urban compared to rural areas.  But what had the Sarsanghchalak actually said?  In a meeting with prominent citizens in Silchar (Assam), the Sarsanghchalak was asked a question regarding molestation of women.  In reply, he stated that what is happening in ‘India’ is dangerous and vulgar.  He added that this was happening in “India’ not in ‘Bharat’.  That he did not have the urban-rural divide in mind is abundantly clear from his subsequent sentences.  He stated that these cases occur wherever our ties with ‘Bharat’ weaken.  We have forgotten humanity and our values which come not from books but from our tradition and family samskaras. 


However, Desai sunk to a new low by blatantly attributing to the Sarsanghchalak a statement he never uttered!  The Sarsanghchalak’s observation on husband-wife relationship was totally misrepresented.  The Sarsanghchalak was in Indore to inaugurate the ‘Parmananda Yoga Therapy Hospital’.  His speech was understandably of a spiritual nature.  The relevant part of his speech was as follows:  In the last 300 years, man has been caught up in his ego and thinking accordingly.  What I say is the truth, is his refrain. His ego has increased to the extent that he demands that if the Almighty exists, He should prove that by appearing in his test-tube.  The world that has existed for millenia works not on relations but on self-interest.  It is an agreement.  The husband enters into an agreement with his wife.  We may be calling this a vivah samskara but (to the Westerners) it is an agreement.  You look after my home, make me happy, I shall look after your needs and keep you secure.  The husband looks after the wife so long as she submits to this.  If she breaches the agreement, he deserts her.  If the husband fails for some reason to fulfill the agreement, she deserts him for someone else who enters into a fresh agreement.”  The Sarsanghchalak was thus dilating on the Western world-view and pointing out its hollowness.  But the media unleashed a false propaganda attributing to the Sarsanghchalak precisely what he was condemning.  They had no use for what he said later.  He subsequently said, “In this context, Bharatiya thought says that the world is based on relations.  Though manifested differently, we are essentially one.  You may say that the ‘One’ is manifested in different forms.  If one considers the various forms, all are separate from each other.  An apparently meaningless occurrence in one part of the world has impact on the entire world.  Good things lead to good effects.”  But the sarsanghchalak’s views on the spiritual basis of Bharatiya philosophy was willfully ignored  .  




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