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Monday, January 21, 2013

Not Required Indians

Light upon some prejudices against patriotic social media champions in India and outside  and answer and definition of those who ridicule patriotic sentiments on social media
Mr Ramchandra Guha, a social historian has historical branded certain people as Internet Hindus. The derogatory sense of the definition is what irks me. It’s common for three types of people to deride such Internet Hindus. First let’s start with the definition of ‘Internet Hindus’ who are sympathisers of RSS/BJP clan, who cry pseudo secularism to be only problem for this once great country which they (those who ridicule internet hindus) believe did not exist (Indian culture dates back only till Mughal times as per these three types), and final definition of Internet Hindu is one who posts militantly on social media/web fourms against these three types. First of these three types who deride Internet Hindus are the doyens of secular media with JNU mould, second the ruling elites who get into power by milking cash votes or vote for cash in connivance with unscrupulous business class or for newly created class of Non resident Indian who leave no stone unturned to bash India for anything that happens here and compare that with their country of residence (of course there are well meaning and patriotic Non resident Indians always supporting Indian cause). Now if I were Ramchandra Guha of my school of thoughts, I would define these people as Not Required Indians. Though I respect Guha not as a social expert he is claimed to be but for his cricket writing. I would also like to add fourth group which subscribe to groups named as ‘I am ashamed to be Indian’ and who criticize country, people and culture being culprit for all evils of India. 


This was very prominent kind of thought process in the aftermath of the Delhi rape issue. It’s good that this case has created mass awakening. This was an event when victim was one of class 3 of people as Chetan Bhagat has classified. Class 1 is politician who rule, 2 is business people who bend rules, 3 is people who are upwardly mobile based on their education and connected to social media, and last is poor in cities and rural India. When victim was from class 4 no one bothered. There was a storm created falsely by media on speech of RSS on India Vs Bharat. What he meant was nothing to do with urban rural divide. This divide exist, there are beast amongst people in both India and Bharat. But it’s very unfortunate that these people brand whole country, people and culture as rubbish. One of such characters compared US action on guns law as ideal way to tackle issues and blamed Indian people for allowing politicians to rule them badly. These people are happy to comment from outside without doing anything about it. At least much maligned internet Hindus or ‘class3 ‘ ‘painted and dented’ ‘candle light bearers with make ups’ at least go on street ( irrespective of its utility), face police and make effective pressure on government to take some action. What 'Not required Indians' do is post offensive statements against country, people and bash those patriotically involved for all ills and quote happenings in first world and how ‘we’ are different from ‘you’ petty Indians.

Anyways I did not want to devote even a single byte for these Not Required Indians but wanted to advice them. Respect Indian values and culture. India has never gone out and killed people in order to expand its religion or lifestyle. We had abundant natural resources and we are accommodative to all and sundry who came here. That is not our weakness but greatness in humanitarian terms. Please don’t treat this as our weakness though it has led to lot of problems in today’s India. But as Indian civilization has found ways to survive millions of year we will now also. That does not mean we will just bask upon past glory but we have taken upon new technology and science. Though we have many evil issues to tackle but youth of India will overcome. Indian culture has been blamed as misogynist, caste driven. But misogamy set in medieval times out of external influences and in ancient times women were actively involved in society. Regarding castes, it’s the biggest challenge we face as some sections had been deprived. But isn’t it common for elites to create safe bastions for themselves all over world. Why single out India? Even in today’s world doesn’t class1 people of politicians irrespective of their birth are depriving other classes access to goo life by means of corruption? But then we are patriots, we will find ways to solve issues just as Aamir khan highlighted. Let the ‘Not required Indians’ remain not required in these efforts. Let them enjoy comfort of their own cocoon.
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