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Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Revival is order of day; be it economy, be it politics, be it cricket, be it society. As we enter second half of the second month of year 2013, which had a bad start in addition to legacy of 2012 which was year of failures.  Somehow many will agree that speed of time flow is incredibly fast in 2013 though it may sound as cliché or for that matter anomalous as wheel of time moves it same speed since the big bang.  But having seen almost 45 days of New Year, seems like 2013 has different properties. 

Government seems to be acting especially against sending strong message to enemies of India irrespective of what lefts, seculars and anti nationals say against Afzal Guru hanging. Noises for Modi as PM have already made an impact so that govt had to take cognisance of it and act. If Modi outside power can create such an impact, what will happen if really he is give n charge in 2014? That for me sounds remote as Indian voters don’t vote by emotions, logic, ideology or development, they vote based on established equations, patterns, cash and demographic vote banks. And Indian media and elites have some agenda to derail Modi and his politics of development. But media is scared and that can be seen in endless debates on secularism and under mining of Modi. The British mindset of ruler and elites in India has not changes even after 60 years of freedom. Our Independence struggle has replaced British with new elite class which has ruled politics, media, society and business. Though after liberalization business in India has been relatively set free and they can have role to play based on what suites them. Government has taken note of public outcry and seems to heed for social media opinions and thus seems to have some decisive plan to defend its urban educated vote base. More interesting will be budget when populist and vote bank schemes which were highlight of UPA 2 will get financial support or will they be diluted on backdrop of reforms. That will clearly be the signal even as step to have Rahul Gandhi projected at PM carries no immediate political gains. Not that all will be revived if Modi is at power. It has to be seen if he can master coalition politics and yet push forth his development card. And here i do not wish to repeat that secular, corrupt and damaging political/elite systems which ruled for last 55 out of 60 odd years will make it impossible for someone well meaning, corruption free like Modi to act in benefit of India.

That brings forth development and economic growth which needs revival. Here 2013 will have to play a major role in defining 2014 and beyond. World economy seems better than 2012 especially US showing signs of recovery. European crisis still looms but some mitigating steps have been taken. Indian 2012 was poor with reduced growth, high inflation, BOP crisis, bad governance, corruption, famine all colluding to have gloomy impact on economy. Govt seems to be irrationally bent upon collecting taxes to narrow deficit sometimes illogically driving away investors. Govt also vacillates on key policies. Thus budget of 2013 will define the direction. Thankfully guidance for IT companies is bullish and we can see better job market further boosting the spending in real estate, consumer markets and auto. Thus we should look forward to PC to take steps to revive economy.

Will Narendra Modi and his development politics as an answer to a better 2014 and beyond....... Only time will tell but his chances are very slim for now. But you never know.

Same is for society. 2013 started on bad note for safety of women.  Though some laws have been straightened but much more need to be done. Issues like female infanticide, khaps, inequality still remain challenge for society. Thus society needs revival

State govt of Maharashtra is busy exploiting draught. Draught relief is proven industry for some. Energy crisis looms and no steps seem to be taken anywhere. Blame the coalition. Opposition is divided now with MNS declining to join any one. Thus this government is safe. So revival in 2014 seems distant.

Education system needs revival as IITs are abused. Govt is playing with students on exams, RTE and some evaluation dictats. Need experts to manage rather than politicos.

Civil society movements need revival and need to align with opposition to make an impact. Somehow hopes with likes of Arvind Kejariwal, MNS seems dying down as individual ego based politics lacks mass appeal.

Pune city needs revival on infrastructure and environment but people at helm are real estate tycoons and anti social elements so chances to develop city and remove corruption remain remote

Finally Indian cricket needs revival after nadir of series loss to England at home. Australia seems lesser challenge than England who had good pace and spin attack along with experience batting. Aussies  batting apart from Clarke and Watson seem inexperienced, also with lack of spinning option could hurt them but Indians should be beware of their young pace attack. But have Indian selectors taken look at larger picture that is future? Starting with captaincy where they don’t seem to have alternative despite Dhonis’ failing as test captain and batsman.  So at least they should groom someone for future by naming him VC; only candidate being Virat Kohli who is only certainty in playing eleven apart from Dhoni and Sachin till he retire. Sachin should be asked about his future clearly up to what time he can play and plans should be to use his experience. Some tough calls are necessary.  Young guns like Rahane, Dhawan, Tiwary should be given chances to cement their places like Kohli and pujara.  So that leaves Sehwag . But Sehwag was needed against aussies. It will be his last chance like sachin. On bowling getting back to Harbhajan was tactical for aussies and i feel he should be played ahead of ashwin. Fast bowling is strengthened by bhuvanesh. So once varun and yadav get fit we may have better picture for future. Let’s hope there is revival there

So during this romantic period of year , lets hope that we see revival.......
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