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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

End Season (discounted) analysis

At the start of season we knew assignments would be easy as we had home conditions compared to 11 and 11-12 where we had 8 tests in eng and Aus. We suffered 0-8 loss. Thanks to almighty when we had transition phase then.  We had young players who were raw and untested and fitness levels where anti athletics like me could have beaten established players.
Indian international cricket calendar has come to an end for 12-13 season. It started with India vs NZ in India followed by ICCt20 in srilanka, India vs England 4 tests in India  followed by T20s and ODIs, antinational pakis playing ODIs and t20s which i boycotted as to protest (as if it mattered) and finally Ind  vs. Aus  4 test series.  So what are the signs based on this season

1.       Dhoni changed his laid back attitude in tests and he was able to shed some heavy weights in test and ODIs (eg VVS, RD in test and Gambhir and Viru in limited overs cricket).
2.       Emergence of new kids on the blocks: Pujara, Vijay, Dhavan, Jadeja, and re-emergence of Kohli, Ashwin, Dhoni and Ozha. These people showed their merit by means of consistent performances and positive intent. Though would have loved Rahane to produce innings of significance in final test as well Jadeja showing more skills with bat. That’s most positive of this season than results as they forebode good outcome. Now only question how this young brigade will cope in SA , AUS and ENG?
3.       Indian bowling esp fast bowling had one answer ie. Bhuvanesh kumar who can be used with desired results in SA, Aus and Eng provided he remains fit. Ishant sharma can be potent force as he has exhibited in those climes. Fitness of Varun, Yadav, and rest remain mystery though thanks to BCCI whims and fancies on their fitness of fast bowlers including zaheer khan. That’s is main thing to be focussed for SA13
4.       Nothing and no one is indispensable including the Master blaster as he is in need to perform as to justify why is not retiring. Though many of my friends would find this meaning sacrilege but already I have documented what HE means to me but as all good things come to an end so be HE and preferably not as risk of team interest.

So while i don’t know implication of yet another jail escape for England in NZ thanks to 10 th wicket and Monty, i assume that India end up as No1 ODI team (confirmed) and no2 (or 3 in worst case) Test team for this season it’s a good start for next season which comprises of Champions trophy in Eng , ODI home series against Aus,  4 test series in SA, 3 test series in NZ. (not counting IPL and CTT20).
Wishing young India brigade all the  best in hostile conditions and wishing HIM to prevail upon non entities and critics who don’t count at all as compared to HIS stature .  It’s time for midsummer night dreams and commercial space for something as inconsequential like IPL but morons like us still will enjoy as compared to shit produced by major popular channels in fiction and news media(as biased as they are clamouring for unproven but convicted celebrity terrorist . Lage raho ‘bhai’ and i mean cricket brethren.....
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