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Monday, March 18, 2013

Safety audit at PMPML stands

Dear Madam / Sirs,

Frequent Fatal Accidents at Bus Stands, Bus Stops: Conduct Safety Audit by Experts, Implement Recommendations !

There have been frequent fatal accidents at Pmpml/ST bus stands/Terminus, bus stops. Few recent ones;

1. A 25 yrs young lady was crushed under Pmp bus at Deccan Bus Stand.


2. A female Pmc employee was killed by Pmp Bus while crossing road at PMC bus stand


3. A Senior commuter was killed at Katraj bus terminus , while driver taking reverse negligently.


4. Death of commuter under ST bus at Swargate ST Stand.


5. A commuter was killed when the pmp bus rammed into Fatimanagar Bus Stop


6. A commuter was crushed under Pmp bus at Khadki Bazar Bus stand.


7. A 3 year old was crushed in the crowdy Kasba Peth under a huge pmp bus when she was returning from school.


.....And many more such accidents fatal or otherwise.


Even The obvious reasons a lay man can notice are consistently ignored by all concerned authorities; be it by




a. Chaotic Traffic at Deccan bus stand.


b. Deccan Bus Stand:Uneven concentrated distribution of hundreds of routes/thousands of bus trips to single platforms.


c.PMC bus stand:

   i.Most chaotic in-disciplined multiple parking of buses

   ii.Illegal dangerous turning of buses under the bridge, jumping signals at PMC stand etc

   iii.Buses halting much away from designated platforms.

   iv.Obstructions by autos/vehicles/hawkers etc


d Katraj:Chaotic movements of buses,Obstructions by autos/vehicles/hawkers etc


e.Khadki Bazar:Obstructions by autos/vehicles/hawkers etc


f. Plying of big long buses in crowded mid city narrow roads.Mini buses are MUST on these routes.


g.PMP BUS STOPS (4913): Almost all bus stops are badly planned, bus bays unmarked, Dangerous Obstructions by autos/vehicles/hawkers etc


h. BRT BUS STOPS: Bus stops just before traffic signals.Gross violations by bus drivers in hurry to pass signals, as such buses dont halt at bus stops,making it dangerous for commuters to catch the bus running.


i. RIGHT SIDE  BUS STOPS: Dozens of bus stops are constructed on Mumbai Road spending Lakhs of Rupees each on right side of the road.

Many of these are ready to be operational. However no safe ,lasting provision is in place for commuters to cross road to reach to bus stops from footpaths on left side of road passing thru all speeding highway vehicles or to reach from right side bus stop to footpath on left side of road. THIS WILL BE NO LESS THAN DEATH TRAP FOR COMMUTERS/CITIZENS.


j. These are just few examples. The situations are much more serious and dangerous at many many locations.


We strongly DEMAND  that SAFETY AUDIT be conducted, thru experts in the field, of BUS TERMINUS, BUS STANDS, BUS STOPS, BUS SIZE (as per the conditions of density and traffic of the respective routes) etc.


The specific recommendations be asked for to improve safety of citizens/commuters.


All concerned Authorities MUST implement recommendations of SAFETY AUDIT in time bound and effective manner.


Awaiting positive response,


jugal  s  rathi      vivek  velankar

9370066937         9850063480

P M P  P R A V A S I  M A N C H

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