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Monday, June 24, 2013

Delivering Letters of Objections and Suggestions..

Hi there all, 

I am confident that you all have collected large no of Letters of Objection and Suggestions as well as even larger no. of signatures/ signature forms.. But delivering them all is quite a problem as and his sister will be there at PMC on the last 2 days ie on 25 and 26 June.. So here's a suggestion on what to do..

Write a covering letter as follows:

 Ref no. : GPM/-- your initials/ --S. no.--           Dated: 25/06/13
To: Town Planning Officer
Room 110, Pune Municipal Corporation
Pune 411005

Dear Sir,

Pl find attached --x-- letters &/or  --y-- signatures  &/or  -- z-- signature forms of Objections and Suggestions to the Draft Development Plan..
All the signatories must be called for the Hearing before the Development Plan Committee giving each one of them at least 7 days notice..
Pl confirm receipt of the letters etc by signing the office copy..

Thanks and regards.

--- your signature---
---- your name----
------your address, email id, phone no.---

Pl number the attached forms.. Pl staple forms, letters to your covering letter.. Pl ensure that the office copy is duly signed and stamped and keep it safe.. Pl inform me how many letters/ aproximate no. of signatures you have submitted- even an SMS will do.. 

I am requesting Municipal Commissioner to have extra tables each with 2 persons to receive the letters and ensure that they are in an open space.. Hope this will make it easier..

All the best.. And thanks a lot..


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