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Monday, July 15, 2013

Tree Plantation Campaign 2013

Hi there all,
NSCC and its mohalla committees have always been in the forefront of greening our Pune. Every year in the month of May, we start our Tree Plantation campaign. However, this year we have not been able to push start this campaign as we were very busy with the Draft DP campaign. I am sure a few mohalla committees may have already started tree plantation..
But for all of us, it’s never too late and so lets get going an start planting trees in our neighbourhood and also in other areas of Pune..
I have talked to the PMC Garden Superintendent, Mr. Ashok Ghorpade and he has assured NSCC and its mohalla committees of his department’s continued support..
Here are a few guidelines for tree plantation:
  • Insist on planting indigenous trees.
  • Always plant tree which are at least 2.50 meters (i.e. about 8 feet) in height. These will have a better chance of survival.
  • PMC Garden Department will supply you these free of cost, if you promise to maintain them.
  • And most importantly do ask the Garden Department to advise you on the right type of tree to plant in your area.  
 The perennial question; where to plant trees? One can plant trees in:

  • Amenity Spaces. : these are spaces to be surrendered to the PMC by the builders.. Plant trees on the boundary of the space to leave land for whatever  purpose PMC has for it. You need to approach the PMC Garden  Dept. who will get the requisite permission.
  • Open Spaces, Green Zones, River bank:  these areas are more often than not,  owned by private parties and you will need to get their permission. You could reason with them that you will plant around the boundary.
  • By the side of roads: Here too PMC permission is required.
Housing Society: PMC will help plant trees in Society’s garden or in open spaces, boundaries, if the society promises to take care of them..
Please talk to the PMC Garden Department on all issues concerning Tree Plantation. They will even get the holes for the trees dug for you. They will transport the plants and help you plant and will water them too.. The persons you should talk to are:
  1. Ashok Ghorpade, Garden Superintendent;; 9689931960
  2. Priti Sinha, Asst. Garden Superintendent (Zone 1 & 2); 9689930012
  3. Santosh Kamble, Asst. Garden Superintendent (Zone 3 & 4); 9689931233
 (For those who are not aware which Zone they are in:
Zone 1 & 2 are on the North part of Pune and the Zonal Commissioners are: Mr Dahibhate and Mr Molak
Zone 3 & 4 are on the South part of Pune and the Zonal Commissioners are: Mr Suresh Jagtap &  Mr Garad..)
Now, Come on!! Lets make Pune Greener than ever before..
All the best..
With Kind Regards
Satish Khot          Sheila Christian
Ps: Do keep NSCC informed (, when and where you are planning your tree plantation. Also do send a couple of photos and a brief write up to Anupama Oak ( ..

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