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Friday, November 8, 2013

Time To Change

Another Diwali celebrated. And we are all ready for more celebration in this season.  Isn’t life all about celebrations? Though some ‘I am superior than thou’s will find Diwali too generic and short term to celebrate.  They dislike crackers agreed its more problem than we think: noise and air pollution, safety hazards etc. But each Diwali we find that society is changing though some diehards aka foolhardy don’t. But let’s hope they will change some day. Apart from crackers i don’t find these souls have anything to complain. At least mere mortals like me don’t find anything sad in meeting of friends and relatives , exchanging greetings (though hackneyed and customary without real emotions as they complain), buying things, helping needy, lights, decoration, food, killas,  rangolis, deepotasavs ( in IIT kgp we had splendid ilu festival still memories are fresh), cultural programs, outings, vacations . In fact i have enjoyed Diwali since childhood and same this year as well. And please don’t say that i celebrate 365 days so i don’t need these 4 days. You are self contradicting sirs. Enough of footage to these know it all, but just can help pointing contradictions. But then few of them are good friends so did not want to take them on publicly to an extent i wanted, thus using my own blog to express. Those who want to debate on this, please do so here.  I am all game.
It was fun week and now back to work after short time out.  Elections are just round corner in 5 states. As semi-final to 14, they will give enough indicators to trend. I have been vocal against AAP and MNS to fragment opposition votes acting in the hands of ruling party. Both these parties may have strong justification in opposing all others. But now it’s time to make change and not support continuum else suffer weak economy, lack of development, vote bank uneconomic policies, terror, and corruption for next 5 years. At least give yourself an option. I know many will argue that  all the politicians are same but we have strong example from 91-96 under PVN and 99 to 04 under Vajapayee when economy revived . A well meaning govt can make impact for sure. Lets hope Delhiwalas show the incumbents and so called aam aadmi muazzins their place. Rest states are heading in right direction if you want to believe opinion polls. Congress wants to ban those polls. But will anyone take that party seriously whose election policies rely upon one night before actions leading to election victories as we all know in cities and villages. So there is lot of room to dis believe the opinion polls but congress can do wonders 24 hrs prior to elections as they have since independence. But for all those who care about India, Time to change.

Another controversy has rocked putting sardar patel vs Nehru. It’s a known fact that those opposing to Gandhi Nehru family within congress have been always sidelined in congress. So any defence of congress that sardar was congressman etc is just an empty rhetoric. Sardar showed nation way of unification and restoration of somnath temple out of public participation. Wish we had more of him.
Pune enjoyed Diwali with many cultural programs, less noise and pollution, deepostasavs etc. But spirit was somehow spoilt by tragic accident and loss of 4 lives on highway that leads to mahabaleshwar, konkan and goa. These are spots frequented by most including yours truly during Diwali and other occasions. One pays Rs 250 as toll to reach Kolhapur. But then highway state is pathetic and needs support. This calculation of toll and who benefits is taking sinister turn. Its high time a well meaning government comes out clean. But then when did Maharashtra had well meaning government esp with big barons at helm. But this is the a time to change that as well in 14.
As we enter final tests for sachin, euphoria is all around as i still remember my Diwali vacations in 89 while returning from Mumbai to Dombivali i read that a 16 year old Mumbai boy was selected in Indian team for Pakistan.  And that was 24 years back. Those were some days. Just had a trek to Rajgad back in 89 and this year also had a chance to visit Rajgad. Some places amaze you, and Rajgad does that to you every time. Isnt that another coincidence involving 89 and 13?  24 years have gone by. Then i was std XI student now i am on the brink of 40.  Many things have happened in these years. Lets prepare for a change ie  life watching cricket without sachin as we already have changed watching virat, Dhawan, and rohit exploits in ODI. Romanticism of life has given way to pragmatism. Life has taught you many lessons. It has shown you man great moments.  There is more to look forward from your next generation.  Time for them to form their memories, teachings, experiences. More interesting times ahead..... Time to change.

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