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Friday, January 31, 2014

New Innings

Citizen blogger Gautam Naik assesses challenges for 2014 as first month is coming to an end.

Another year passed by as we enter crucial year of 14. Hope we will be in much better shape as a nation than we are today while we celebrate New Year party for 2015.
AAP is the most talked about event. They rode on anti establishment votes, Anna agitation and nirbhaya ordeal. And as i had predicted they played spoil sport to BJP cutting seats and votes. I have hotly debated that leftist idealism bordering on naxalism and aided by outsiders and incumbents is something we define as AAP won’t work as they never have in history. I don’t buy arguments that they have changed system as yet. But as demanded by many let us give them time. But they seem to be men in hurry as they plan to contest 400 seats. My advice for them is to focus on job in hand without cutting anti incumbency votes. End of the day the will create anarchy by means of hung parliament which will further dent us a nation. Then opportunist like nationalist, socialists, re-constructionists etc will have field day. It’s high time for development and Modi is only hope for now which was validated by much publicized interview of Raga.
For me more cause of worry is state of beloved Maharashtra and city of Pune. Both have no chance with tussle between NCP and congress leading us nowhere. There no one to lead. Opposition is in total disarray and disunited. As demonstrated in toll agitations, no one is ready for transparency. Lets hope we will have change for 2014.

Obama is fighting his battle with US congress. US system is much complex and i hardly care. Only thing i care about his protective polices hampering Indian IT and his empty political rhetoric. His healthcare reforms is something closely related to what we do. Thus keeping my fingers crossed. China vs Japan positioning is intriguing. AfPak policy targeted by Obama in 14-15 will also impact us.
We will see World cup soccer in 14. Indian cricket team needs to find its feet overseas and for ICC world cup in 15. I somehow feel these young guys have it in them as momentarily displayed in south Africa to lose the series thanks to one bad session. Lets see if they resolve ODI bowling issues.
Life has entered second innings in December 13. As in a test match, batting in second innings is always tougher than first. Pitch gets deteriorated. There is a pressure of first innings lead/debit. You need to score quickly if you are ahead. You need to hang to salvage a draw or you need to attack to achieve target. Now age of 40 may be defined as end of first innings or for some life can be ODI .till now it was net practise and match begins now. Various people have various takes on same. For some it can be even 20-20. Do or die. I still remember the old Marathi song sung horribly by Sunil Gavaskar in early 80s called “He jeevan mhanje cricket raja, hukla to sampala”(Life is like cricket, one who misses is finished).  That’s on personal note. But then had some wonderful surprises to see videos of old friends and partied with closed ones. Last 35 years so flshed by satrating with old sadashiv peth wada till ownership flat, XIIth , Purshottam, Kharagpur, Jobs, Entrepreneurship roller coaster rides in India and abroad, houses, travels, family, friends.  I still need to come to reality of the message or landmark of 40. Or is 40 just another number. Life begins at 40 as many say. 

There are new hopes and challenges for 14. Let there be new start. I have taken my stance and guard as I face the fast balls or spinning deliveries by destiny. Let the play begin...

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