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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Important Summer

It’s the holiday time again for kids here. Another academic year is done and dusted with and we are witnessing heat all around. Summer is scorching so are elections. IPL season 7 starts today amidst raging controversies and credibility deficit. A world cup was lost in final where an ex hero turned into a villain. A plane is missing without any clues. There is a crisis in Crimea.
But nothing takes away an iota of attention from LS elections. It’s now or never situation for those who mean for India. Yes I can hear many accusing me to be right fundamentalist etc but asking my erudite friends if we have any choice. UPA 3 will be disaster for country.  The self proclaimed purists and agents of change who lived by media have been put to death by media (though some life is being infused from foreign shores in terms of support and money).  They had chance to create case study in Delhi but again individual ego and ambitions prevailed. Third front is nonexistent. If one believes in the pulse and the opinion polls, we will have NDA govt. But then Indian voting system is strange.

It has sprung surprised in past and one should not rule out incumbent’s hold over systems and below the table practices. They have ruled of 60 years so they can still spring some surprise. You never know in India. Last night before voting is crucial especially in slums and rural areas where booze flows along with cash and kind incentives for poor people.  So as they say in Marathi ‘raatra vairya chi ahe jaaga raha’ (Enemy is around so be vigilant). This is true especially last night before election. Tomorrow we vote here in Pune. May 16 is month away.  So the things will get interesting every day till then. Growth which includes all and focus on basis infrastructure are the only things which will take India ahead and not some subsidies, wasteful schemes. I can also hear slogans from newbie party supporters that both NDA and UPA are same and corrupt. But are these newbie parties ready to deliver in 14. Come on, common sense should prevail and not idealism or pessimism of NOTA.
On cricket side, i felt BCCI has an opportunity to cleanse the system but power as they say blinds. Induction of Sunil Gavaskar is right step. Let Kumble, Ganguly and Dravid also join in ensuring no conflict of interest.  This is the time for gentlemen with honour to show these power hungry incumbents how to run the show. IPL thus is slow starter for me. On world cup loss, its combination of wrong selection by India (right from the start of tournament when they crushed everyone till finals) and excellent performance from Srilanka on day mattered most. But solace is only fact that we reached finals. The recovery phase in 13 again lost momentum in NZ. Now again it is the time for selectors to hone right talent and for youngsters (apart from Virat Kohli) to stand up and be counted.  Still the team is in transition.
On international front Crimea issue, MH370, China-Japan, Afghan elections offer intrigue for observers. Economy in US has improved. Now we look forward to world cup soccer in Brazil to catch imagination amidst lot of controversies later in June.

Interesting summer ahead, and very important one....
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