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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

On Relocating Hawkers..

National Society for Clean Cities, Pune
Pune a Clean City - Clean in Every Which Way
Hi there all,
As you may be aware, as per the Supreme Court directive PMC was required to create a Town Vending Committee (TVC) to make decisions on Hawkers policy in Pune city. Accordingly a TVC was formed and a series of decisions were taken on hawker’s related issues by the PMC. Currently, PMC is in a process of taking action on these decisions.
For additional information on this issue, please check the PMC website link:

Following are some of the key decisions made by PMC on this issue:
  • Forty five (45) main roads will be kept as hawker free zones
  • One hundred and fifty three (153) chowks will be kept hawker free
  • Hawkers zones will be created throughout the city
  • Hawkers will be relocated on other roads within the same area (which will be designated as hawkers zones)
  • These roads where hawkers will be relocated will have to be more than 8 meters wide
  • The footpath(s) on which the hawkers would be allowed to sit/stand have to be at least 3 meters wide
  • Hawkers can occupy not more than 1/3rd  of the footpath space
  • The hawkers must not create any noise or play any instrument or music for attracting the public or the customers.
  • The stalls (in a hawker zone) will be 1m X 1m in dimension and only on one side of the road.
  • The Hawkers will have clean up the area at the end of the day & leave the area clean. Further, they cannot erect any type of structure, put stands, tables etc.
  • Cooking is strictly not allowed (Except in Food Plaza Zones) & they can only sell cooked foods, cut fruits, juices and the like.
  • There will be parking zones created intermittently between the stalls
  • Hawkers will be allowed to remain in the designated area from 7.00 am to 10.00 pm.
  • Etc..
Since you know your Prabhag area best, now is your chance to get involved in the relocation of Hawkers to a suitable location which will not hamper free flow of traffic, but also ensure that there is adequate parking spaces, comfortable footpath width for pedestrians is kept available..
As a first step you may request your Ward office for the list of spaces identified by them for   relocation. Check if these spaces  are right for your Prabhag. You need to keep in mind that once relocated, the Hawkers will continue occupying those spaces for the next 5-10 years. Please give your well reasoned objections in writing to your Ward Officer.
Also ask the Ward Office to give a list of Ota Markets in your area and a list of the present occupants. These Ota Markets have been made to locate hawkers. You could ask PMC to remove the illegal occupants and relocate hawkers into the Ota Markets. Further get a list of open spaces as per the DP ‘87 in your prabhag from the Ward Office. The reservations on these could be changed to locate Hawkers.
As a Parisar Samiti/ Mohalla Committee please conduct your own survey & write to your Ward Officer giving your recommendations for relocating hawkers in your prabhag.
Please mark a copy of your letters to:
Municipal Commissioner (
Madhav Jagtap, Asst. Municipal Commissioner in charge of implementing Hawkers Policy ( )
Do it soon..
All the best.
Satish Khot (President)  Gautam Idnani (Secretary)

National Society for Clean Cities, Pune
#364, Clover Water Gardens, Kalyani Nagar, PUNE 411 006.
Tel: 9371221142
/ 9822323917

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