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Tuesday, October 14, 2014


We fully support the contents of Parisar"s mail as under and request you restart the ESQURE PMP BUS STOP IMMEDIATELY.
There are many important colleges , schools offices and residential locations around the ESQUARE PMP BUS STOP.
As it is with Car Convenience Flyover the life of Pedestrians,Cyclists & Bus Commuters had been made miserable and unsafe. The high handed sudden cancellation of bus stop has further added to thei agony.
Thousands of commuters use this bus stop daily for their commuting.
The decision is apparently to facilitate the car users going Esqure Cinema & Big wigs Malls Multiplex owners, Builders etc.
In Fact every Flyover is justified that thru traffic will not inconvenience the Public Transport & NMT Users.
This decision is a blatant violation of the promises/justification.
REQUEST & DEMAND RESTORATION OF PMP BUS STOP. All the PMP Buses must be routed thru Esqure Bus Stop. Any of the Pmp Bus should not skip this stop.

Awaiting your positive prompt response.
jugal rathi,               vivek velankar,          sanjay jadhav,                      prashant inamdar,  sujit patwardhan
Pmp Pravasi Manch.Sajag Nagrik Manch,Chatushringi Nagrik KSamiti,Pedestrians First & Parisar
Punishing Bus Users, Pampering Cars

During our meeting in your office on Saturday 27 September to understand the views of NGOs on BRT it was heartening to see that you are committed to improving Public Transport (PT) in the city. However as stressed by many of us in that meeting we feel there is a serious interest-deficit in PMC for  real commitment towards improving PT in general and PMPML in particular. 

In the attached note and map I've given the latest example of this in context of removal of one more bus stop on a busy PMPML route for flimsy reason of "congestion". It should not be necessary to explain to officials of PMC and the Traffic Police that primary cause of road congestion are not buses but personal automobiles. Buses carry anything from 40 to 80 passengers (even more during peak hours) and need to be seen as modes that deserve preferential treatment not discouragement. 

In this case if there is congestion on the slip roads under the flyovers the solution is to ensure buses stop along the edge of the roads and not to scrap the bus stops themselves. By removing the bus stops, the bus commuter is now forced to walk a distance of almost one kilometer from the University Junction bus stop (near Bank of Maharashtra) to the Reserve Bank Training College bus stop located beyond the E-Square. This is no way to encourage PT/PMPML and only shows the bias towards personal automobiles.

I am not sure who is responsible for this unfortunate and ill planned decision but I would urge you to find out and cancel this anti-bus plan by reinstating the bus stops in question. You may also like to make a personal visit to the location and see for yourself that the needs and convenience of pedestrians and bus users are totally missing. The pedestrian signals are mostly switched off or have inadequate time for people to cross and what's worse, between the University Junction and Pune Central Mall there is not a single safe pedestrian crossing. People have to take a chance and run to cross the road. 

This is the reality on the ground and no amount of articles (please see the attached DNA article) warning of the awaiting catastrophe from cancerous growth of personal auto vehicles will have any impact unless PMC as the planning body stands firmly on the side of sustainable transport measures (support NMT and PT and discourage personal auto vehicle use). 

Today, I'm disappointed to say PMC is doing exactly the opposite.

We will be happy to discuss this in greater detail with you and will be happy if given an opportunity to discuss the traffic issue in greater detail.

Thanking you and looking forward to hearing from you,

Sujit Patwardhan


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