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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Mauka Sabhiko Milta Hai

Author reviews WC15 and more
Cut to year 1998, There was a movie made by Ram Gopal  Varma named Satya. The film was dark based on the underworld of then Mumbai  and was engrossing . RGV used to make good movies those days. The dialogue which was made famous out of that movie  is title of this post. Reason the Mauka campaign of star during world cup. These ads were food and really entertaining. And yes ironically it was Pakistan who lost Mauka by dropping Watson off Wahab. Imagine the much maligned fielder taking the catch, Australia 5 down for 70  chasing  220s at that point. Pakistan then going on to win to meet India in semis. and maybe Dhoni lifting cup on 29th and we celebrating on streets again.... so it's not about having a Mauka it's about grabbing it. so as in cricket so in life. All of us are aware of our 'Mauka s': some dropped some taken. But if wishes were horses....

As predicted here on this forum Australia ; the firm favourites, won the cup. They were the  team which had great batting and bowling . All players chipped in at different occasions. They ended a tough emotional season which started with sad death of Hughes. The cricketing sense prevailed but i have to give credit to changed rules to help southern hemisphere teams with unequal benefit. Spinners were out of equation due to fielding equations. Reverse swing was out due to two balls. Ground  were smaller at least in NZ and big bats were destructive. I am not whining . It's a truth that team with better bowling attacks survived and ordinary batsmen ran away with centuries. Coming back as Sourav says in commentary about team India, yes we performed as per the expectations and nothing more. Given especially the form carried on in Aus tri series. In fact we fought in first ODI vs aus, other was washed away. But surprisingly we lost both games to England the team which could not make it to WC semis was an aberration. With this team we can beat Pak, UAE, WI, Zim, Ireland, Bangladesh any day any place but the biggest achievement was to beat SA comprehensively scoring 300 and running out AB, Miller. But when it mattered most we fell short of maybe 20-30 runs in semis. If Johnson had not played that innings we would have been chasing say 290-300 but then if wishes were horses we would have had the Mauka, We started well batting but for some rush of blood. Imagine we had Gambhir instead of Rohit (my namesake is the backbone of two world cup final victories) and yuvi instead of sir jadeja. these two black holes in selection finally lost Mauka for us. But then kudos to bowlers who came after smith 100 and throughout WC to dismiss opponents . Hats off to Dhoni.  On other teams, NZ did well and SA faltered without choking. England have lost it.  Associates need more time rightfully . We saw farewells for sanga, mahela, afridi and clarke. Not a great world cup except first semi and few matches involving associates.

And on to carry on topic based on Mauka, this is time we as a country can really materialize with opportunity to take our country into the next zone. Forget ranting of media which has antinational agenda to continue the erstwhile establishment to comeback. Just to prove my point i can cite the game changers in Delhi who were projected by this media. and how they have failed with regressive non agenda which was funded by anti nationals and those  ultra liberal utopians. Also look at media haste to subside Modi wave despite having a functioning government. and what they all have tto claim are non issues. Many will argue that even Modi regime is creation of media. I beg to differ as it was expression of aspiring India who was tired of same old establishment taking away all benefits. Aspiring India is the one which believes that by hard work they can make it good for themselves and for their offspring without deserting India. Carry on good work Mr Modi as we need to en cash the Mauka whatever non issues are created by media for its own survival. It's been a good year . Waiting for summer holidays for children to let the masti begin. Tomorrow is IPLs first match. We the perennial fools will be engaged during the summer.
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