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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Jul 25th Saturday 11 am : CDSA, Bavdhan Invitation : Discussion on river restoration and urban water supply

Dear All,
Below note from Aneeta Benninger.
Pls inform if you / other members of your mohalla committee will be attending.
Bus arrangement / car pooling would be possible if confirmation are recd by 21st evening.
Dear All
On 5 th June, the World Environment Day, Ms. Anu Aaga had convened a meeting to
discuss how we can revitalise our rivers and all the feeder streams to ensure a good
quality, sustainable water supply for drinking as well as other purposes.
This group emphasised the vital contribution required from individuals and communities i.e.
People with a “ common” interest who form “ communities”. The NSCC and the Parisar
Samities, Mohalla Committees are an example of vibrant, active community groups, spread
all across Pune, who participate in decision making at the local level and through this make
our respective areas more liveable.
It is important that the same dedication and vibrancy is brought to the work of revitalising
the rivers and its feeder streams. To ensure this an integrated approach is essential at the
area level. The four main factors of “water supply” “water cleanliness” “water demand and
water distribution” need to be tackled in an integrated manner at the “ micro” i.e. Electoral
Ward level,” Meso” i.e the City level and the “ Macro” that is the Pune Metropolitan Region
I would like to invite you for a discussion forum on Saturday, the 25 th of July at 11.00 a.m.
at CDSA.
The main points around which the discussion can take place will be
1. How do we ensure that the natural water sources are protected and sustainable?
2. How do we ensure that the water is not polluted at source, in flow and at delivery
3. How do we ensure that the water supply is stored safely?
4. How do we ensure that every individual gets the water supply s/ he is entitled to
according to “ norms”
5. How do we ensure that water distribution is equitable across the whole city?
6. How do we ensure that there is no wastage by the consumers as well as distributors?
7. What will be the role of Parisar Samities/Mohalla Committees in the decision making
process as a whole and in monitoring and evaluation at the level of the Electoral
8. What will be the modalities for that participation?
Please do join in large numbers.
Discussion will be followed by lunch.
Thanks & regards
Yours sincerely
Aneeta Benninger
Executive Director
Professor of Sustainable Development Planning
Centre for Development Studies and Activities (CDSA)

Contact telephone nos.
Telefax: +91-20-22951138

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