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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

पीएमपीचे २५ दिवसात ५ अपघाती मृत्यू:अयोग्य-धोकादायक बसेस,अनिर्बंध ठेकेदार ,बेफिकीर प्रशासन ,बेशिस्त बिनधास्त सेवक !

Hon Shri Saurav Rao,President RTA , Pune; Hon.Shri Pathak, CP,Pune
Dear Sirs,

पीएमपीचे २५ दिवसात अपघाती मृत्यू:अयोग्य-धोकादायक बसेस,अनिर्बंध ठेकेदार ,बेफिकीर प्रशासन ,बेशिस्त बिनधास्त सेवक !
Five Fatal Accidents in 25 days by Pmpml Buses is alarming situation.
Pmpml is consistently giving intentionally misleading information thru media to justify its inefficiency & fallies.
The chart of facts & figures is given in the attached letter in marathi.
Its more alarming in light of approaching Rakshabandhan day when in anxiety to further its misleading mission the danger to safety of citizens/commuters is likely to increase substantially due to unfit unsafe buses, arrogance of Contractors,irresponsible administration and undeterred employees.
We have represented several times to RTA in this regard,RTA being Guardian of Traffic safety and efficient/effective public transport.
Awaiting positive prompt response and direction to PMPML & Local Bodies in this regard.
Thanks & Regards,
jugal rathi     vivek velankar

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