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Friday, December 25, 2015

Year of Mauka

Citizen takes review of the year...

This was the year with had a world cup in cricket. And there was an ad campaign by name Mauka. Being truly Indian i don't care about other sports or Olympics so for us this WAS  the year. And if 1/5th population cares for cricket  so let it be. Let  the others recognise same  sport beyond reasons. There was a Mauka  and we lost.
Here for country we have a functional executive  and well meaning one for second  time in  the history of independent India. But there are thought processes which threaten this India story.
This was the year we had opportunity and opportunity we still exist till be believe. so let's keep Mauka on imagination for the next year and help India reach its real place in scheme of nations as we had pledged in school.
On films side it was disaster year with only few films like piku ,queen, katyar connecting chords  and strikes  ad controversies were in focus..
Cricket we have change of guards and there is promise. World t20 will be defining
In the Politics its the last chance for India to decide if it wants to progress or  digress as  it did for last 60 years
Maharashtra also has to come out of regional politics and for that regional satraps should say goodbye...
Pune needs better leaders to hang on to Mauka but then who cares?
World suffered with terrorism again just like India did for last decade and more. ISIS continues to kill and influence. At least all countries address global warming as an issue. China story needs revisiting and world needs open economy beyond visa regimes. Putin emerged taller.
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