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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Cityblog Feature: Nayakgiri

Whats Up: Come September

Have you selected your Ganapati Idol? Have you planned the decoration? Are you participating in Society/locality Ganapati pandal? Are you performing anywhere during festival or at school? Can you listen to dhol tasha practise? HIS arrival augurs all that is auspicious. Countdown begins.

Asian Games India has worn 15 golds among the total of 69 medals at Jakarta Asian Games. Has our sports administration changed its earlier bureaucracy and non caring attitude ? Or is the something. I think its about young aspirational India. Thanks to few visionary PMs, economic benefits have percolated to masses, across urban and rural regions. This young India knows value of success, they want to excel. They are ready to do hard work, make sacrifices and cannot settle for less. Each of these unknown athletes from hinterlands has a story. Known stars like PV Sindhu whom we highly regard as in last month’s  whats up. When will her jinx with Gold medal end.

India lose series; First test was close, Second was bad, in third we showed character to outplay England. But again fourth though might sound one sided but was fought well by Team India. Wishing they restore pride of a 3-2 result at oval. The main reasons for losses?
1. Lack of preparation: Playing only one 3 day match. Limited over cricket is different and also different set of players barring mainstays like Captain. Dhawan, Umesh, Rahane (who was in reserves).
2. Wrong Selections for test. When we needed 4 seamers at edgbaston we had only  Three, While in second test as well as in fourth we needed 2 spinners but we had one.
3. Batting failure: Openers, lower order did not support Kohli though Rahane, Pujara
and Rahane did that in test we won or we fought. Both tests at Edgbaston and Southampton were won by contributions from Curran. Broad/Anderson pair sounded threatening while Moeen Ali surprised. Their batting sounded shaky except Butler, Bairstow, Stokes and Curran

4. Tail end bowling. Though we bowled well throughout but inability to knock the tail hit us badly in both close tests.  Ashwin was not effective in the series
5. Injuries : Bhuvaneshwar, Ashwin, Bumrah
But Kohli stood like rock between England and Win all through.

Left Right in City: Our City witness two police actions. First one exposed terror racket allegedly promoted by Right wing activist. Second one led to arrest of self proclaimed intellectuals from left ideology. Naturally there were lots of political, social debates in context of Koregaon Bheema violence as well as murders of self proclaimed intellectuals individuals in Pune, Kolhapur and Karnataka. There should be no place for violence in socio-political debates. But our city witnessed those earlier and now Police actions have created another one so we should be vigilant. Though activities of groups on right side are newly heard of and dismissed by Col Purohit’s acquittal in legal framework, the left terror has seen thousands of deaths in Chattisgarh, Zharkhand, Bengal, Orissa, NE
We have had good rains and all dams are full thanks to mercy of Monsoon which will see withdrawal phase. But I am sure the water woes will continue for rural and fringe villages. Marathwada still has draught situation. City faces traffic issues, cyber crimes, crimes, garbage disposal, women safety PMPML etc. Everyone is gearing for polls 19 and of course those 10 days of Ganapati now in September

Maharashtra the State of unrest: Now that Right and left terror angle issues are opened up, its state Home ministry that need to answer well meaning public, Public institutions like assembly, Parliament, Central ministries and biased media as well as social media. The reservation protest and debates will also comeup as state gears for Polls19. State has not resolved important issues like corruption in cooperative movement as well as irrigation scam punishments , lack of clarity on tolls, farmers suicides, agricultural crisis, Industrial growth, Urban and rural cleanliness and so on,

Discredit of media: National and Regional Media has again proven their corrupt and colonial mindset during left right debate. While offering sympathies to self proclaimed left intellectuals, the established media joined them in cries of Emergency, Insecure atmosphere, Fascist regime. On the other hand hypocritically they have proclaimed arrested Right wing players as Villains. Let the police investigate. While all this debate on social media has been rightfully balanced by both sides.

Nation Moves on: Center has many challenges till 19 polls. The simple GDP data is treated with suspicion by Opposition and even NDA allies,. But what is there to debate on 8.2 % as a number which is publically released. Rise in prices of Petrol and USD should be the top priority to control . Opposition has displayed opportunism be it on European soil or in India. They have opposed without any data or valid points be it Rafael, Demonetization, GST, NPAs  which were created in UPA regime
Another natural calamity has been politicized. We also sympathize with grave situation faced by people of God’s own country Kerala. This issue is that divided flanks on again right side and left. Each tried to outscore other in relief efforts when they should have joined hands. Also issue was made when UAE wanted to fund relief work. One point to think is that Kerala got in limelight as the calamity fell which it deserved as rich gulf funded state but such situation is faced every year by people in UP, Bihar , Assam but no such focus/campaigns etc.  I appeal all to contribute in your own away.We have all  those who matter  set and have taken positions for 19 polls. But I feel final action defining war result will be on Social Media.

Mad Mad Mad World: Have you seen the movie
‘Its Mad Mad Mad World’? Every Character in the movies trying to outwit others to get the treasure. In today's world in Sep 18, everywhere there is same quest of supremacy to outwit other nations. Be it US trying to force out North American neighbors, or China, EU with trade policies . Or be it Germany trying to outwit US with new equation with Russia. Russia supporting Assad in Syria and Erdogan in Turkey. China using Dhoklam, Silk Route, OROP, Maldives and Srilanka to intimidate India. There were shootings in US. President’s office is under cloud over Manaport and Cohen 
trails, Muller investigation and so on. In UK they face brexit issues. Imran Khan will find ruling Pak difficult with US against Army and ISIS.

TV scene in India is populated with various reality shows, New Marathi films/drama
have found mojo. Hindi films is now venturing into new topics. Multiplex issue of parking inflated snack prices has been resolved by courts.

Punekars, I am sure that like me you have started counting days for HIS arrival. Bappa Morya Re….

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