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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

world's most isolated settlement, which sits at the foot of an active volcano in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean

  • The settlement called Edinburgh of the Seven Seas sits on the island of Tristan da Cunha and has been dubbed the remotest settlement in the world. It's one of the British Overseas Territories.
  • Only accessible by boat - many of which depart from the nearest city of Cape Town, South Africa - the journey to Tristan takes nearly one week to complete.
  • Islanders describe their home as peaceful and safe. Less than 300 islanders and visitors live there.
  • Tristan is actually an active volcanic island in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean. The last time it erupted was in 1961, which forced islanders to evacuate to England.
  • Often just called "the Settlement," its economy relies on the export of crawfish, known as "Tristan Rock Lobster" and collectable stamps.
  • Tourism is a small part of the economy, but you need permission to visit, and since there are no hotels on the island, the government has a homestay program in place for visitors as well as several guesthouses.
  • Visitors may catch a glimpse at rare wildlife and plant species that call the island home. 

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