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Sunday, May 12, 2019

Nayakgiri: Suspense

When I was in school, Exams used to get over by the first or the second week of April and summer vacations used to set in. Then there was a dreaded day of Final Result of that standard around April End. The period between exams and result was the best timespan spent as a child.  No worries of studies, no aftershocks of results and impending tasks for the next academic year. Add to that fun part of travelling, mangoes, friends, books. Thankfully our parents were not so keen on summer camps as today’s parents are. 

Now that we are one week into May, we as a country are in same stage: exams over, results awaited. It’s a suspense which is keeping us enthralled, worried, anxious till the D Day of May23rd. Maybe as a Nation it’s so important whether we continue on strong path or get into dark days of coalition and compromises on national causes. Why is all mainstream media except few,  thrusting upon nation that India is under threat under current regime and situation is so intolerant? On the contrary majority of social media voices sound otherwise. But social media is not real world of ballots. Thus we live now in suspense till the last phase is over.  Same is the case for all of diehard cricket fans,  as we wait World cup to unfold the form of Indian Team. Same as we wait for a normal monsoon to solve serious water crisis. World also is observing various events to unfold as northern hemisphere looks forward to summer life. 

Spring has set in this part of world. A single round of rain has transformed the trees which were totally dry till now are now full of leaves with various colors. The weather is great with sufficient nip in the air. There is peculiar smell. This part of world is blessed with greenery and water bodies enriching the visual appeal. Add to that human planning and implementation ensuring cleanliness and order.  People here are gearing up for outdoor life in summer: beaches, barbeques, walks, hiking, water sports. Natural cycles here and anywhere in world are very prominent as they make us realize that change is only constant and rest of the manmade events like World cup, elections to be non-issues. What we should we focus is how we can control the damage we have done to Nature and its cycles Resulting in droughts, floods, earthquakes and cyclones.
 We have seen actual cyclone (not political) Fani in Orrisa. I remember in 1999 cyclone in Orissa when there was great loss. Thanks to early warnings and rapid disaster management efforts by both central and state governments we saw less Impact. This we have seen government functioning in Indian history.
That brings us to national politics which has seen electioneering stooping to lowest levels. Maybe it was due the desperation of khichadi opposition fueled by last ditch effort from Mainstream media to be relevant. Few loose cannons in incumbents also added to the quotient. But I feel Indian voter is mature especially the aspiring India which knows what works for India. But against that we have vast majority of vote banks which will impact the India’s development story. Thus the suspense still intrigues and worries the much maligned nationalists in India. Is it crime to be Nationalist? Yes we are Nationalists: we care for country. Everyone who has evil intentions against country be it terrorist, naxalite, corrupt: is our enemy. We are firmly behind Indian defense establishments, scientists, farmers, industries, businesses, sports teams.  Any party which supports this is someone we support irrespective of our religion.
World politics is also taken interesting twists and turns in US presidency issues, Brexit, French unrest, ISIS war, Saudi –Yemen war, Iran sanctions, China trade war and its effects in the world economies, South American crisis in Venezuela, Brazil.  This summer will be crucial in defining economic impacts worldwide.
IPL is almost over.  As we look forward to final between two strongest franchises fight in the final. One thing is that we see a different Dhoni in IPL. He owns the league since its inception in 2008. He was leading in final then against underdogs of Rajasthan Royals led by Warne. He won it twice in 10 and 11. He fought KKR in 2012 finals. He was upstaged by Mumbai in 13 and 15. Then there was 2 years ban on CSK when he reached finals as a Pune Supergiant in 17. He won in 18 and now in finals. He looks different batsman in IPL. His keeping and captaincy looks more aggressive. WE can call IPL as Dhoni Premier League. This IPL we saw supper hitting from Russell, Pandya, Pollard, Warner, Pant. We saw all usual suspects firing this IPL except very few like Kuldeep, Vijay and Jadhav only to mention those in Indian Team. I still feel Pant was better option than DK.  Virat sounded like a lone warrior in Bangalore. Virat and his Boys have a task cut in UK for World Cup. All fans are waiting with great expectations from Indian Team. As a senior journalist has said, In the Mahabharat of world cup, the war will be won by Bheem and Arjun (Bumrah and Kohli). We have Krishna (Dhoni) behind the stumps. Rest should at least play Nakul, sahadev roles. Only time will tell
Yes only time will tell. Catch you after 23rd.

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