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Thursday, June 13, 2019

Giridarshan Trek to Rajgad

Giridarshan's Rajgad trek on 15 June
The start of monsoon is wel enjoyed on the king of forts "Rajgad"
We will start from Pune at 6 am and will reach Pali village till 8.00. We will start our trek till 9 am and will reach Padmavati machi till 11 am, take some rest and then will visit Balekilla, and Suvela machi, after returning we will have lunch and will climb down to Pali village, we will return to Pune till 9 pm, if possible we will try and find fireflies while returning
You should bring lunch, extra dress, and 2 waterbottles with you
Ttek fee Rs 800/-
Booking till 13 June till 8 pm
Call 9850520058 for booking

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