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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Nayakgiri: Summarizing Summer of 19 : Indian Victory

Summer of 69 is immortalized in history of this part of world. 50 years later can it be same for Indians
Summer is here finally in this part of the world. Gone are those chilly days, snow days, shivering, and indoor life. Now it’s the time to give up hibernation, explore outdoors and have fun under the sun. Sadly it is different back home. Furnace keeps burning outdoors compelling us to stay indoors. Thankfully there are Mangoes, Vacations and IPL. Last time I wrote on this forum, a day before IPL final. What a match though not quite good cricket played with dropped chances, bad batting. Brilliance of Bumrah, experience of Malinga and useful contributions by all finally ended juggernaut led by Dhoni and his experienced Brigade albeit by narrowest margin possible. But sure a treat for cricket fans and MI fan within me.
Fan in me also won when Shri Narendra Damodardas Modi was sworn on 30th for the second time. Lot has been said about this election: Polarization, EVMs, Secularism, Khan Market Gang, Battle of Bengal, South Indian identity politics, topsy-turvy results across three states lost by BJP, End of communist movement in India, Social Media wars, Unnecessary and wrongful intervention of opinions by International Media, meltdown of opposition, rise of stars like YSR Reddy, Stalin and sadly MIM.  For me three things really impacted on ground zero

Tall leadership (as a team of ministers) perceived by masses as incorruptible and a leader who was seen as doing sincere efforts to de posed against no face except usual corrupt, dynastic, opportunist Leaders backed by vested interests of media.
Reactions to the unending negativity and falsehood projected by mainstream media sometimes crossing line on antinationalism except few stand out houses openly perceived as taking nationalist stand.  They exaggerated agrarian crisis, unemployment, financial numbers while ignoring good work done actually helping lowest in the pyramid be it gas, housing, opportunities, roads etc.  Then there were international media opinions which made noises which were perceived as threats This contrarian revolution was made possible thanks to social media and effective campaign management by cadres, rational loyalists who have huge network. Also the new voters don’t care about anything (caste or religion) but their aspirations to grow.
Finally it was Nationalism which as a notion got approval. Many thought leaders especially in liberal media and social platforms would take an exception to this as root evil plaguing world and lead to doomsday scenario as we have seen rise of nationalism all across and equate Indian election results to all world trend. Some extreme elements have equated Indian results to happenings in Germany in late twenties and early thirties of last century. I have read obituaries of sensible opinions in India and labels have been assigned to people who support Namo2.0 as bigots and goons masquerading on streets as right wing activist creating fear among minorities.
Sorry Sirs, we refuse to be equated with bigots because we Indians (all included) have history across the millenniums to have accepted all those who came in here for opportunities. We accepted everyone as a part of us. We believe in multiple paths of worship and follow live and let live. We have never gone to war unless provoked. That’s out culture and ethos. Its just that we have been driven to self-assertion to ward of any evil intentions to harm us. And we firmly now are focused on developing ourselves to count as a part of developed civil world.
But all the points which are still a concern should not be swept away by margin of victory.
1.       Lot of work needs to be done on economic front ensuring GDP, jobs and infrastructure
2.       There is need to unite all sections of society especially minorities to be felt as part of central process helping everyone grow.
3.       Streamline Agricultural issues
4.       Better town planning and cleanliness
5.       Bridge rich and poor divide which has gone to dangerous levels
6.       Ensure growth without any harm to environment.
7.       Control Climate change and take concrete steps.
8.       Curb corruptions across all the levels.
9.       With tricky international situation on oil, tariffs, restrictive norms, ensure Indian interests are taken care of.
10.   Making education relevant for employment.
11.   Affirmative action to help downtrodden and time bound approach to birth based privileges.
These are eleven points I feel should be addressed by Modi2.0 to ensure summer of 19 will be treated as Landmark point in Indian History. Another   eleven men have another opportunity to turn summer of 19 to be the most memorable for a true Indian fan.  I am waiting for that evening on 14th July if ViratSena can lift world cup like MSD did. MSD along with Top3 batters (RS, SD, VK) , Top3 bowlers (JB, MS, BK), spin-twins and another Gujarati All-rounder are the key but need someone at no4 to hold things. Can it be Rahul or Vijay or DK? If that happen we are hard team to beat. Though feel of victory of that will be different here but I know many here will celebrate in this part of world. Our drawing rooms are ready. Let India win on July 14th like it did on May 23rd. What a summer of 19 that will be?  It will remain forever in the memories of Indians….

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