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Sunday, September 1, 2019

Nayakgiri: Gear Up

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Two thirds of 2019 is gone and we head towards last four months of the decade. This is the time to gear up. Gear up to celebrate the festivities waiting for the remainder part of the year. Gear up to recoup after long summer and unprecedented rains, cyclones, floods. Gear up to face new challenges like economic downturn, emerging market dynamics, wars, terror, extreme polarization and so on. Gear up to meet personal goals targets that we usually plan for the next Calendar year. This calendar change would usher in the new decade of 2020s. Lot was said about 2020 as landmark in human history. But signs are dangerous as we stand precariously to let our offspring live in a world and an environment they cannot salvage to continue their existent. The latest fires in Amazon forests have led us into an irreversible situation for climate and environment. It’s high time for the world to gear up, unite and fight the things to minimize further damage, do things to help us recover the situation. As we usher in celebrations, we pray to the Lord of Wisdom and Remover of Obstacles to help us do that. Ganapati Bappa Morya

We still are in denial mode over that fateful morning at Old Trafford where we lost the Cup. Moreover the Economic situation is alarming. Let the festivities and uptrend in spending help revive the markets. Let the reforms help attract investment. Let the economy grow. Let the respective ministries tighten up the functioning to go in tandem with reforms. Let the focus on infrastructure strengthen. World situation is also tricky with tariff wars. US Economy surprisingly still is up, but everyone is alarmed about doomsday scenario worse than 2007. 2020 is election year so that hampers any drastic measures. Uncertainty lingers on. Iran and Middle East wars in Syria, Iraq and Yemen also threat oil prices. Russia, China, Hong Kong, North Korea tensions, Japan South Korea issues, Brexit impact will have their say on economic as well as peace terms. Let’s Gear up to find our niche in this world and play decisive role.
Afghanistan war has impact on Indian security front. The role Pakistan leverages with US and troop’s pullout will also be harmful to India further complicating issues in Kashmir. This government has shown intent in Kashmir and its reintegration into human community by scrapping 370. Historical blunders have been corrected. I have heard liberals equating India as hard state and crushing voice of certain elements in Kashmir, but let’s get one step back. Kashmir is fallout of Indian Partition and we cannot continue with status quo as for last 70 years. Best bet for Kashmiris is to allow its own development into strong economy based on Tourism as well as certain other key strengths. Some may argue that let Kashmiris decide but for that all form of terror (mainly based on religion) has to be crushed and then the dialogue can start. This should be the order. It’s time for India to convince Kashmiris to let them feel they are part of Indian story and growth. But then India story has to be strengthened economically. That’s the major challenge ahead to quieting all critiques of current regime which is well meaning on each front barring few loud mouths, incoming of corrupt politicians all across the spectrum and few executions on economic agenda of reforms and deficit. Current regime has shown action can be taken against corrupts in politics and bureaucracy. Now that certain elements for Kashmir sympathizers sponsored by Pakistan may try to create nuisance through terror, we all along with Govt. have to ensure that India remains free of terror which it has been till date since the new regime has taken over. Forget about the Khan Market gang who are trying to use usual intolerance card, but we as citizens need to gear up for challenges facing our country on Economic and Security front.
State of Maharashtra has new challenges after unprecedented floods as well as agrarian crisis of draughts and floods (ironically separated by not more than 150-200 kms). Rehabilitation of flood affected and water situation in famine affected regions will need to be prioritized. State elections are also tricky with all and sundry, corrupts and criminals joining BJP/Sena bandwagon. We face urban planning and transport challenge resulting in regular flooding, jams, and accidents. That’s more evident in Pune city and nearing suburbs. There is nothing like Ganapati festival in Pune. We still remember those moments planning and implementing Decorations, Collecting donations, managing everyday Pooja and Aartis, preparing plays , songs and dance, managing processions, staying up all night watching pandals all across city and finally sadness of visarjan. In this part of world this time have an opportunity to manage and act in a play. Also there is a local utsav in this part of world.
This part of world has seen end of glorious summer. Now we gear up for winter life which is completely different. We look forward to colors of fall. Nature is so great and we nincompoops have managed to damage it irreversibly. Each change of season is festival. Ganesh festival will be followed by Navratis and Garba. Then Dussehra, Diwali , Thanksgiving and finally holiday season that will mark end of 2010s . Let’s gear up for this festive season, next year and decade beyond. Each one will have his own challenges for 2020 and beyond. Wish Ganesha bless you with all that you wish. Ganapati Bappa Morya.
This blog was also has seen decade of 2010s. I started on eve of Ganesh Chaturthi in 2008. This eve is very special everywhere….

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