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Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Giridarahan's Rajgad to Torna night trek on 8, 9 Feb

Torna, the fort won by Shivaji maharaj when he was just 16 years of age, after searching and digging at some places on Torna fort he found out hidden treasure, there was gold burried on the fort, he used it wisely and built a fort on Murumb devacha dongar adjescent to Torna fort, he named the new fort as Rajgad, this fort was Shivaji maharaj's first capital,
Both forts are conected with a line of hills and one can walk easily from one fort to another.
We will start from Pune at 7 pm by private bus on 7th Feb and will travel to Pali village at the base of Rajgad, have dinner and climb up the fort at night, we will reach Padmavati machi till 12 am and stay there, in Padmavati tample
On 8 Feb we will have breakfast and will visit Balekilla, Suvela machi and return to Padmavati tample for lunch, after having some rest we will start towards Torna fort in the evening,
We will have dinner enroute and will reach Torna fort early in the morning, take some rest, have breakfast and climb down, we will reach Velha the base village of Torna fort and have lunch, we will be back to Pune till 6 pm on 9th Feb
You should bring Friday dinner, bedding, extra dress, 2 water bottles, a plate, a bowl, a glass and a torch with you, wear treking shoes and suncap
Avoid shorts and do not bring disposables
Trek fee Rs. 1800/-
Booking till 6 Feb
Call 9850520058

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