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Sunday, September 20, 2020

Editor's pick (cricket facts and more...)


Cricket facts:

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PJ of the day



I feel like a teenager all year long: no money in the wallet, hair long and out of control, thinking what to do with my life, and grounded at home.

Jaw dropping places on Earth


Pink Beach, Komodo Island, Indonesia

There are thought to be just a handful of pink beaches in the world and one of the most famous (and most spectacular) can be found on Komodo Island in Indonesia. The beach's pastel hue is created when the red shells of tiny creatures called foraminifera combine with white sand. Sandwiched between crystalline waters and a rugged green landscape, this pink sand strip is almost too pretty to be real.

A trip to the last century!


1984: U.S. Olympics team

In the summer of 1984, the United States returned to the Olympics after boycotting the previous games in Moscow. America hosted the event in Los Angeles, where the team nabbed 174 medals. In this photo by Ken Hackman, athletes from the U.S. team wave to spectators during the opening ceremonies at the Los Angeles Coliseum.


News Channel

MPC News: New patients of the corona during the day, 40 nurses from Hyderabad to Pune for the jumbo COVID hospital in Pune  

National Network: 1.51 died in road crashes in 2019 according to the transport ministry

International News: Touch tower: New Tokyo skyscraper to become Japan's tallest building

City Blog Science Club link of the day

 Massive damage of rare plants probed at Nevada mine site

30 min cardio with Katie Austin