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Sunday, June 16, 2019

Hong Kong tycoons start moving assets offshore over extradition law

Some Hong Kong tycoons have started moving personal wealth offshore as concern deepens over a local government plan to allow extraditions of suspects to face trial in China for the first time, according to financial advisers, bankers and lawyers familiar with such transactions.
One tycoon, who considers himself potentially politically exposed, has started shifting more than $100 million from a local Citibank account to a Citibank account in Singapore, according to an adviser involved in the transactions.

Top Tourist Attractions: Charleston, South Carolina

With its meticulously kept gardens, vibrantly painted Georgian houses along Rainbow Row (you get a gorgeous mansion! and you get a gorgeous mansion!), and carriages clacking across cobblestone streets, Charleston remains one of America's most picturesque cities. No wonder it's topped our list of best small cities in the U.S. for eight years running.


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