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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Affirmation for June 15, 2021

 I am happy, peaceful, and powerful. 

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 Vitamin D:

PJ of the day:


In Heaven, all three faced God, who wanted to know what they believed in.

The German Shepherd said, “I believe in discipline, training, and loyalty to my master.”

“Good!” said God. “Sit at my right side.”

Then God asked, “Doberman, what do you believe in?”

The Doberman answered, “I believe in the love, care, and protection of my master.”

“Aha,” said God, “You may sit on my left.”

Then God looked at the cat and asked, “And what do you believe in?”

“I believe,” replied the cat, “That you are sitting in my seat.”

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Fierce Kingdom

- Author name: Gin Phillips
- Date published: 2017

When terror breaks out in a zoo moments before closing time, Joan must use her intimate knowledge of the park to keep her son and herself safe. As the duo run and hide, trying to stay one step ahead of danger, the boundary between animal instinct and human duty is tested over and over again for Joan. At its core, “Fierce Kingdom” struggles with the question—for whom should a mother risk her life?


News Channel

 MPC News: Pune News: Mayor Murlidhar inspected the rainy season works

National Network: India on track to have zero land degradation by 2030: PM

City Blog Science Club link of the day

 Microbes in ocean play important role in moderating Earth's temperature

Good Morning Australia


10 min earth element morning yoga


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Saturday, June 12, 2021

Affirmation for June 12, 2021

Happiness surrounds me. 

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 Interpretation of Ramayan:

PJ of the day:
I took my new girlfriend out on our first date to the ice rink, and entry was half price. She called me a cheap skate.

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The Last Flight

- Author name: Julie Clark
- Date published: 2020


Released just weeks ago, Julie Clark’s “The Last Flight” was dubbed an instantaneous classic. The book is about two women, both desperate to escape their current lives, who switch places. When one of them dies, the other, suddenly granted the freedom to completely start over, assumes her identity. But with the new life comes old secrets, and this golden opportunity may not be as desirable as it once seemed.

News Channel

 MPC News: Pune Cyber Crime

National Network: PM Modi to participate virtually in G7 sessions

1 hour yoga for strength and flexibility


This video belongs to Yoga with Kassandra YouTube channel and City Blog does not endorse this video.