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Friday, January 31, 2014

New Innings

Citizen blogger Gautam Naik assesses challenges for 2014 as first month is coming to an end.

Another year passed by as we enter crucial year of 14. Hope we will be in much better shape as a nation than we are today while we celebrate New Year party for 2015.
AAP is the most talked about event. They rode on anti establishment votes, Anna agitation and nirbhaya ordeal. And as i had predicted they played spoil sport to BJP cutting seats and votes. I have hotly debated that leftist idealism bordering on naxalism and aided by outsiders and incumbents is something we define as AAP won’t work as they never have in history. I don’t buy arguments that they have changed system as yet. But as demanded by many let us give them time. But they seem to be men in hurry as they plan to contest 400 seats. My advice for them is to focus on job in hand without cutting anti incumbency votes. End of the day the will create anarchy by means of hung parliament which will further dent us a nation. Then opportunist like nationalist, socialists, re-constructionists etc will have field day. It’s high time for development and Modi is only hope for now which was validated by much publicized interview of Raga.
For me more cause of worry is state of beloved Maharashtra and city of Pune. Both have no chance with tussle between NCP and congress leading us nowhere. There no one to lead. Opposition is in total disarray and disunited. As demonstrated in toll agitations, no one is ready for transparency. Lets hope we will have change for 2014.

Monday, January 27, 2014


Dear Sir,

Dr Shrikar Pardeshi,MC PCMC has discharged his duties in most honest,efficient & effective way without fear or favour. There are news doing rounds media re his transfer, though its only 18 months he has taken charge.

Sir Citizens of Pimpri Chinchwad want him to continue as MC for full term of 3 years.

A letter of request/demand in marathi signed by 15 NGOs of Pune is attached.

Awaiting your positive and citizen sensitive response and hope that Dr Shrikar Pardeshi will be allowed to serve his full term of 3 years as MC PCMC.

jugal rathi,vivek velankar,dr vishwambhar chowdhary,mangesh tendulkar,maj.gen retd sudhir jatar & 15 ngos