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Saturday, September 12, 2020

Editor's pick

 Leh-Manali Tunnel

Childhood Railway Memories

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I’m starting to like this mask thing. I went to the supermarket yesterday and two people that I owe money to didn’t recognize me. 

Jaw dropping places on Earth


Turda Gorge, Transylvania, Romania

Romania is famed for its Gothic castles and rocky mountains, but the Turda Gorge is one of its most inspiring treasures. The 1.8-mile (3km) gorge is awash with limestone caves and picture-perfect peaks and troughs. It makes a perfect half-day hike to fully appreciate its immense beauty and unique flora and fauna.

A trip to the last century


1977: Pro-Choice March

Abortion law became a pervasive topic in the late 1970s, as numerous battles unfolded in U.S. courtrooms and legislative halls. On Jan. 22, 1973, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 7-2 in the country’s landmark Roe v. Wade case. It was ruled unconstitutional for a state to restrict access to abortion. In 1976, Congress passed the Hyde Amendment, which prevented federal funding from being used for abortions except in cases of rape, incest, or when the woman’s life is in danger. Following those two key moments, the debate played out in the streets. In this photo by Peter Keegan, women can be seen demonstrating at a pro-choice rally in New York.

News channel

 MPC News: Vehicle thief arrested, 2 motorcycles seized

National Network: 2 Shiv Sena Shakha chiefs arrested for assaulting navy veteran after complaint

International News: US commemorates 19th anniversary of the 9/11 attack

City Blog science club link of the day

Volcanic ash may have a bigger impact on the climate than we thought

Power yoga flow


Friday, September 11, 2020

Editor's pick: Lover (by Taylor Swift) saxophone cover and more...


Childhood Railway memories:

Pranab da:

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Lover (by Taylor Swift) saxophone cover:


PJ of the day



Quarantine seems like a Netflix series: just when you think it's over, they release the next season.



Jaw dropping places on Earth


Kil, Yucatán, Mexico

Ik Kil, a natural cenote (or sinkhole) in Yucatán, Mexico, was formed during heavy tropical rainfall, which made its original limestone ceiling collapse. It's a truly picturesque natural attraction not to be overlooked. Considered sacred by the Mayan people, many visitors enjoy swimming in the pool's mesmerizing green waters.

A trip to the last century!


1976: Bruce Jenner at the Montreal Olympics

In July of 1976, Bruce Jenner, once dubbed the "world's greatest athlete,” set a record in the men's decathlon and won a gold medal at the Olympics Games in Montreal. Jenner beat Soviet runner Mykola Avilov, who had dominated the Cold War-era games. In 2015, Jenner came out as a transgender woman, and now goes by Caitlyn. Here, Jenner is pictured celebrating in a photo by Tony Duffy.


News Channel

 MPC News: Illegal items worth 12 lakhs recovered from an essential service van

National Network: Kangana intends to continue work from a 'ravaged' office, calls it 'Symbol' of woman's will

International News: Unchecked fires could turn the Amazon to the tipping point

City Blog science club link of the day

Loss of sea otters accelerating the effects of climate change  

Yin yoga for flexibility


Thursday, September 10, 2020

Editor's pick: Music to study and concentrate and more....

 Adopting dogs 

Childhood Railway memories

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Never thought your hands would one day consume more alcohol than your liver...ever!


Never in my wildest dreams have I imagined myself entering a bank, wearing a mask, and asking for money.

Jaw-dropping places on Earth


Hanging Rock, New South Wales, Australia

Australia is awash with superb scenery but Blue Mountains National Park perhaps has the country's most dynamic offering. An area characterized by sheer cliffs, sweeping valleys, tranquil eucalyptus forests, and dramatic waterfalls, this region of eastern Australia is well worth a visit. In the heart of the landscape, Hanging Rock is a huge sandstone ledge that became detached from the main cliff and now juts out over Grose Valley, 328 feet (100m) up. Discover more of Australia's natural wonders here.



A trip to the last century!



1975: Vietnam War—Fall of Saigon

In 1975, Saigon’s government left the imperial capital city of Hue. More than 200,000 refugees subsequently fled their homes. In this image released on May 5, 1975, an American soldier watches South Vietnamese refugees aboard the U.S. Navy boat off the coasts of Vietnam.

News Channel

MPC news: Pune Corona update  

National Network: LAC stand off-India will retaliate in case China breaches the red line, says top official

International News: Trump deliberately played down virus, Woodward Book says

City Blog Science Club link of the day

Physicists use classical concepts to decipher strange quantum behaviors in ultra-cold gas  

10 minute evening yoga (choose your pick from these 3 yoga videos)


Wednesday, September 9, 2020

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Forex Reserves:

Childhood Railway Memories:

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Jaw dropping places on Earth


Horseshoe Bend, Arizona, USA

Located a few miles from the Grand Canyon, Horseshoe Bend is perhaps Arizona's most striking asset. Engulfed by an endless red landscape, this natural curve in the Colorado River was formed when the water hit a dense sandstone barrier and was forced to change direction. An observation platform allows for unforgettable views across this formidable valley.

A trip to the last century!


1974: Richard Nixon resigns

On Aug. 9, 1974, President Richard Nixon resigned over his role in the Watergate scandal. "I hope that I will have hastened the start of the process of healing,” Nixon said in his final speech from the Oval Office. This Getty Images photo depicts the 37th president's farewells to White House staff.


News channel

 MPC News: NCP and BJP to save hills in Pune

National Network: Rhea Chakraborty's NCB remand copy assessed; judicial custody demanded for 14 days

International News: Greece to boost military amid tensions with neighbor Turkey

City Blog Science Club link of the day

 Boundaries no barrier for thermoelectricity

30 minute yoga session (choose your pick from these 4 workout videos!!)


Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Editor's pick: Pomodoro session and more...


Fake News on GDP Percentage:

Childhood Railway memories

Pomodoro session (study with me):

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Money doesn't matter  

Jaw dropping places on Earth


Stuðlagil, Iceland

Prehistoric in its appearance, Iceland's Stuðlagil, also known as Basalt Column Canyon, is one of the world's most underrated treasures. Often overlooked in favor of the island's better-known attractions, this spectacular gorge is Iceland's best-kept secret. The canyon was formed when a powerful glacial river pushed its way from the highlands to the north of the island, cutting through ancient volcanic rock as it went. The results, we're sure you'll agree, are out of this world.

A trip to the last century!


1973: Operation Homecoming

Between Feb. and Apr. 1973, U.S. troops successfully returned 591 POWs to American soil during Operation Homecoming. In this photo from the U.S. Air Force archives, newly freed prisoners of war celebrate as a C-141A aircraft takes off from Hanoi.

PJ of the day


If you see me leaving this group, please add me again. It's just that I’m so desperate to go out!

News channel: Please visit for accessing latest local and international news from noteworthy websites

 MPC news: Dr. Govind Swarup, the father of Indian radio astronomy, passed away in Pune

National Network: Army starts process to make ICVs capable of operating in night

International News: Suspect arrested over deadly knife attack in Birmingham

City Blog science club link of the day

 How do stone forests get their spikes? New research offers pointed answer

10 min morning yoga


Monday, September 7, 2020

PJ of the day


When the cough is away, you can come out & play!

Editor's pick: The importance of a secured password and more...


The importance of a secured password 

Childhood Railway memories 

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Jaw dropping places on Earth


Antelope Valley, California, USA

Each spring, Mother Nature puts on a truly captivating display in the heart of the Antelope Valley, California. Situated on the western tip of the Mojave Desert, these rolling hills come to life for just a few months, treating visitors to colorful flora that turns the fields here purple and gold. Reminiscent of a Claude Monet painting, the valley becomes awash with native California poppies, lacy phacelias and delicate fiddlenecks.


A trip to the last century!


1972: Actress and activist Jane Fonda visits Vietnam

The divisive war in Vietnam raged on in 1972. American actress and peace activist Jane Fonda called for the world’s attention when she toured a Hanoi site that had been bombed by U.S. airplanes.

News Channel

 MPC News: A retired Pune police inspector blows up 5 people while driving under the influence of alcohol; the death of one

National Network: Mysterious blast in Rajouri village, three cars damaged

International News: China imposes new Visa restriction targeting US media

Good morning from Australia